Tailored for Fall 2007

Looking at the Fall runway shows, menswear is again going to be big going into Fall/Winter ’07. I love wingtip and spectator styles and I think Miu Miu is going to have another hit with these shoes. The colors of the Naplak bootie will pick up the subtle tones in a pair of plaid pants.

I really like the way the leather fans up on the front of the heel version (these come in the same color combination as above).

Spazzolato, also by Miu Miu – The grey fans by the heel will be like little wings, perfect with a black wool pencil skirt.

Marc Jacobs Saddle Platform keeps the traditional details, but pairs them with aubergine leather, black suede and ultra-stacked heel for an edgier take on the style.
Juno tries to do a straight lift from the Miu Miu designs. I think maybe a little too close, but their colors are a bit more muted.
I’m also going to find some more affordable options at Target for working the menswear style into your Fall wardrobe.


  1. jillian · August 9, 2007

    My goodness, I love ALL of these! So beautiful..


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