Store Focus: The Jazzy Giraffe

In a previous post, I mentioned my surprise when I went into a small shoe store in Asheville, NC that I didn’t know was there and found gorgeous shoes by a designer I had never heard of.

Well, that store is The Jazzy Giraffe:

They don’t have the greatest site in the world, so don’t get too excited and the store itself is very small – kind of a weird shaped corner in a small mall but the shoes were nicely displayed and the staff was friendly. I was surprised to see several designers that I hadn’t heard of as well as the fact that they carried Isaac Mizrahi (not the Target version) and Lulu Guinness. Very anachronistic for Asheville.

I ended up buying these Olivia Rose Tal mules and wore them, to much acclaim, to the wedding in was in.

These are the other pair I loved and hope are still there when we go back next month. Also by Olivia Rose Tal.

When I first walked into the store a lady was trying on these red suede Chie Mihara heels. She was kind of debating about getting them. I thought she was crazy! I would totally jump on those!

The store also carries unique clothes and purses from more designers I never knew existed. I love that! While there site isn’t great, it’s worth visiting just to see some of what they carry. I thought this Stella bag was kind of cool – edgy but retro.

If you are going to Asheville, I recommend checking them out. They’re right downtown and, obviously, worth a visit. I can’t wait to see what they have in stock in December!


  1. Anonymous · November 18, 2007

    There\’s also a store in Cary, NC that carries Olivia Rose Tall shoes. It\’s called Kristen\’s Shoe Boutique. Or maybe Kristin\’s. Regardless, it\’s in the Aboretum in Cary.


  2. Princess Poochie · November 18, 2007

    I\’ll have to check them out. I love finding new cute shoe stores! Thanks!LuvPoochie


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