Colors of Nature – Pellow? Yurple?

Here in North Carolina it is just moving through Fall and in to Winter. Summer was not so long ago but Spring still seems far away. Up north winter snows may have started and in places, I’m sure they are already sick of the cold.

Honey, you have a ways to go. But keep your chin up! Even if the stores and merchandising is all about snowdrifts and winter holidays, a few designers must have the warmth of Spring on their minds too. And they’re taking their inspiration from the color combinations that only Mother Nature could create:

Purple and yellow, in soft lavender and pale butter or regal purple and sunshine.

Le Silla likes these colors too. I love the combination of these two colors in their ombre wedges.

They look touchable and soft and pillowy. Perfect for drifting through flowers.

And they have a very unusual shape that is sophisticated but still playful. Get them and tuck them in your closet to hibernate for the winter.

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