Should I stay or should I go? Part Deux

I saw these Stella McCartney upturned platform heels months ago on Style and was quite smitten with them. I mean, what’s not to like? The intense fuchsia, crazy-genius shape and they’re satin. I love satin shoes. I like to live dangerously, ya know.

So when they finally went on sale at Bergdorfs, I had to pounce on them.

Well they arrived on Saturday and I eagerly ripped open the box to try them on. These are the first pair of Stella McCartney shoes I’ve bought and I was curious to see how well they were made given the whole vegetarian element.

Anyway, the picture does not even come close to how bright pink these are. The practically glow in dark and I love them.

But then I tried them on.

As I’ve mentioned, I wear a pretty small size and in most shoes I wear a 35, when I can get it, or a 35.5. So I had ordered a 35 not being sure how her shoes would run. The length was fine and the height was comfortable but the toe box was kind of uncomfortable. Okay, pretty uncomfortable. Not so uncomfortable that I can’t stand or walk in them. Yeah, not for very long, but still.

But they’re so pretty!

Well, after some deliberation and a husband consultation, I decided to put the pretty bright pink satin lovelies back in their box and ship them back to Bergdorfs for an exchange. I was going to try the 35.5s and see how they fit. I don’t have a wide foot so I was really surprised they were cut so tight in that area.

I put the box in my car and was planning on dropping them off a the post office today. Then I looked at them online.

There are no 35.5s left.


Okay, we can try a 36. Add some inserts and they’ll be fine.

There are no 36s left.


Crap! What do I do now??? I am extremely acquisitive so I hate to give these up. Even more so now that I know they are sold out in any size that could conceivably fit me. So do I send them back almost certainly to be a return rather than an exchange? Do I keep them and wear them even though they are kind of hard to wear? Or do I just get over it given that I put in an order for all three of the sequined Manolos?

Maybe I’ll keep them in the car over Thanksgiving to wean myself off of them because right now I’m still in that “needing the patch, breaking the addiction” phase.


  1. Discount Designer Shoes · November 20, 2007

    I do think these shoes are cute but I love the Sequined Manolos from your previous post. Don\’t suffer with these if you can get the Manolos in your size.>Dawn


  2. Corey · November 20, 2007

    Let \’em go. There are too many cute shoes out there to have a pair that you can barely stand in. 🙂


  3. Jenny · November 20, 2007

    those are beautiful….but if they hurt, you\’ll never want to wear them, so I say return them for something else you\’ll love that fits better. I love how the sole appears to come up in a reverse wedge at the front.


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