Manolos for Men

Per UK Vogue, Manolo is bringing back his collection for men.

After an absence of seven years on the menswear scene, Manolo Blahnik has dusted off his sketchbook – and created a line of men’s shoes so fabulous, they are pretty much guaranteed to knock your man’s socks off.

The six-piece collection runs the gamut from safely stunning (the red suede Oxford brogue), to the outrageously gorgeous (in the shape of leopard print sandal, Bir). “It’s not a big collection,” reflects the designer, who was honoured with a CBE just a couple of weeks ago. “There are some simple sandals in beautiful materials, and a few classics – with a twist. I thought it was time to bring back some colour into the male wardrobe.” Look out for the collection, due in store from February.

Personally I think they are bit “out-there” for most of the men I know, even the most fashion forward. I’m also not a huge fan of open shoes for men, so I like the red pair the best.

I’m sure they will be popular but my tastes for men tend to be much more formal and, I guess, preppy/country club-ish. Ideally, I would dress a man in Brooks Brothers and JCrew.

My favorite shoes for men are white suede bucks.

I think this just goes back to my tennis/cricket/croquet fantasy. Look at these – a wingtip version!

Unless you are exercising, this is about as casual as I think men should go – a dark brown boat shoe. Sperry is ideal but these Brooks Brother ones are nice.

Dress code – “whites”, sweaters, 3-piece suits with vests or sweaters underneath.

I don’t like these guys though. Think Johnathan Rhys Meyers in Match Point.

No Tevas, no sandals. Let’s have a little class here, please.


  1. Jenny · November 30, 2007

    Ahh, what can be said about the mandals… Personally I think a well-dressed man can pull off some nice, well-made leather fisherman type sandals in the summer. I have seen this look work on men here in Dallas, but their clothes have to be well tailored and they have to be well groomed to pull it off. No nerds in Tevas & khakis, please.


  2. Princess Poochie · December 1, 2007

    When I met my husband he was wearing knock-off Teva sandals. And he is a nerd!Shudder!Obviously I married him anyway.But as yet he has resisted wearing any of those clothes and shoes I listed. He\’s all t-shirts and jeans, although he has bough some funky and cool sneakers. The fanciest I got him to be was when we were doing swing dancing years and years ago and I found him a pair of vintage brown and white patent wingtips. HOT! But they\’ve been in the closet for lo these many years.


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