Shoe Customization: Corset Sandal

I’m kind of in love with these Alexander McQueen uber-tough ankle-tie heels. They’re kind of scary but I would love to be able to add more toughness to my wardrobe with them.

But they’re about $1000+. Sooooo, I’m not going to get them anytime soon, I don’t think.

I wanted to find something that would have a similar feel but be easier on my wallet. Especially given the fact that they are not what I would call a “classic-wear-anywhere” shoe.

After some searching I found these corset style heels. They’re actually a bit trashy (the brand is “Pleaser” for Pete’s sake!) but since they were only $35 I felt I could make something out of them.

The style seems simple enough that they don’t look totally trashy. My biggest issue was with the clear heel. I felt I could paint them and you’d be none the wiser.

So I dug into my pile of arts and crafts supplies and got my acrylic paint and paintbrushes out.

Before. After.

Not too bad, huh?

Not one to leave well enough alone, I thought it might be fun to add a contrast heel… and some glitter. Yeah, glitter might be too much but if it starts to look too crappy I can take off the paint and then just repaint them solid black.

Granted not the best lace up job here…

but I think they’ll be pretty cute with this black sequined dress I just got.

Sexy, not too trashy right? The simplicity really helps.


Not a bad solution for the price.


  1. gilda · July 21, 2008

    i love the glitter pink thing you did!!! cooooooool!!!!! it\’s a huge improvement from the pleaser version. hee hee!


  2. Sal · July 21, 2008

    SO much better. The glitter is just perfect. Well done!Gala Darling was sporting those McQueens a few weeks ago …


  3. Princess Poochie · July 21, 2008

    Sal – yes, I saw them on her. And they looked smashing! I\’d love them too.Thanks Gilda!LuvPoochie


  4. WendyB · July 22, 2008

    Great work! And Agathe from Style Bytes used to get great shoes from Pleaser all the time.


  5. Princess Poochie · July 22, 2008

    Wendy -I\’d never heard of them before. I\’ll have to keep my eye out for more.LuvPoochie


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