Ready for a Recap?

It’s been a busy couple of days since I last posted up here.

I came home early on Thursday because one of the city papers wanted to interview me about the blog. The reporter came over after I got home from work and we had such a good time that we’re going to do a follow-up next week. Exciting!

Friday was actually pretty quiet. I took the day off from work and, after we got Napoleon taken care of for the morning, I watched movies in bed with the other pets. My hair stylist had an opening so she was able to fit me in for a cut and color. I got bangs! Long ones, since I haven’t had bangs in ages. They swoop over to the side, so we’ll see how I continue to feel about them.

After my appointment I had to go to the mall to return some shoes (I returned these – too uncomfortable, kept these – very comfortable, and am not sure if I’ll even get these). I exchanged my Old Navy skirt and got a smaller size in my Gap denim pencil skirt. I also got some new Clinique eyeshadows, a new bottle of my Origins Ginger perfume and a bottle of Estee Lauder Private Collection perfume (which I haven’t worn since college). I also found the perfect big boyfriend cardigan in black and grey stripes for which I have a few Fall outfits in mind. Oh yeah, and a few Godiva Key Lime Truffles.

When I got home my Pearl River order had arrived. Lots of fun Chinese fans and parasols and straw slippers (which are very comfy indeed!).

Yesterday we went to Asheville for the Bele Chere festival. If you follow me on Twitter (and I hope you do, so I can follow you as well!) I had lots of “at the moment” updates and Twitpics – you can always see the most recent down below on the right. We took lots of fun pics so I’m going to upload those to Flickr and will do a post asap!


  1. Tracy · July 27, 2008

    Here\’s to smaller sizes! I would love to need a smaller size in my pencil skirt… sadly, it\’s too often the opposite in my life.


  2. Princess Poochie · July 27, 2008

    Ahh TracyI think the denim was stretchier than I thought or the sizing was off. In Gap I\’m one size and in Old Navy I\’m another. I have to just go by fit and not size anyway, right?LuvPoochie


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