Midnight Blues

I think I have a bit of an addiction to blue shoes lately. I went through a grey suede phase and now all I can see are blue shoes of all shades.

I love the deep dark shiny blue of these lillybee pumps. Wouldn’t these look great with some bright or patterned (especially some black lace) tights for fall????

Hillary by lillybee at Simply Soles – $195

Updates and Reminders

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to send you some updates on how Mr. Napoleon is doing. Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and good wishes. Here’s how he normally looks. As I mentioned, he lost almost all the feathers on his back and tail. Frankly, he’s a bit of a mess right now. If you want to see how he’s doing, you can click here.

But, he’s still alive and that’s what matters to us. Were working out a system to keep him calm and for giving him his shots and the meds. We decided to give him his pain shot in the morning so it calms him down during the day.

Yesterday, we had our webcam on him and I was able to peek at him throughout the day. He spent a lot of his time looking out from the porch over to the coop. When I got home I saw that the two girls were up next to the coop yard fence looking over at him. Sweeties! I know they miss each other but we have to keep him safe and clean right now. So they must be apart of a while more.

I also wanted to send a quick reminder that I’m still looking for your shoe story! The anniversary celebration is on through Sunday! So drop in a comment or send me an email at princesspoochie (at) shoedaydreams (dot) com.

Working at Cross Purposes

Remember my second favorite outfit from SATC: The Movie? What? You don’t have that list memorized???

Okay, to jog your memory, it’s this Proenza Schouler outfit…

I especially liked her sandals. A bit chunky, graphic, a little nautical in there, strappy but not delicate.

All of the images I’ve seen of these shoes are as above – with the ankle strap and instep strap configuration. But all of the movie images show them on Carrie as having crossed straps. This leads me to believe that they simply cross-buckled the straps. Top strap attached to the bottom buckle and bottom buckled to top.

Clever, huh?

Well, I’m going to test that theory out, because, while the snakeskin covered heel version is nowhere to be found, I did score the brown leather version on sale (thank you again, Barneys!)

Sometimes I love having an off shoe size!

I hope I don’t scrape myself up on the heel studs.

I didn’t expect the straps to be leather. They looked more canvas but I guess I was wrong.

I hope the straps fit in the cross pattern. It will be like having two shoes in one.

Please Send Good Thoughts

If you’ve ever looked at my profile you would have seen that I have another blog that I write called The Daily Coop. I’m not as good about updating it but it’s all about my three chickens who we’ve only had about a year.

My main love is our rooster Napoleon. Napoleon loves me and I love him. He comes when I call him and he likes to snuggle down in my lap when I sit down. This is even more unusual as we have not had them since they were chicks.

Today Napoleon was attacked by a dog and hurt severely. I rushed him to the emergency vet and was there with him for hours. They’ve asked us to have him there for a bit and then call them back. I don’t know what is going to happen with him. He’s is so little.

Napoleon got hurt because he was bravely defending his girls (who were able to run and hide) from this large spaniel dog. The dog may have meant no harm but Napoleon is less than 5lbs and does not know that. He just wants to protect the two hens. They were unharmed but he was not.

Almost all of his feathers were ripped off and he has a puncture wound in his back. I was able to stop the dog, gather up Napoleon and rush him to the nearest after hours vet, which is actually not that near.

I’m sitting here in tears and covered with his blood. I know this is gruesome but please please please send any kind and healing thoughts his way. I don’t’ think I could bear it if he did not make it.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Napoleon is home right now. We have to give him pain shots in his chest every 2 – 4 hours. We have to give him liquid antibiotics orally. He has to stay by himself for a while too and not go into the coop. We’re not sure for how long. We bought an XXL pop-up dog crate. It’s soft and has good ventilation which will also keep out flies, we hope. We have him in the basement right now which doesn’t have bugs and is dark and draft-free. He’s out of shock but he’s very very tired. We just left him in the cat carrier that we used to take him to the vet. We took off the door and put a towel over it. We’re hoping he stays sleepy. I have the dryer going down there so maybe the noise will soothe him.

We’ll keep updates going on The Daily Coop.

Saturday Shopping and Wardrobe Changes

I’ll admit it, sometimes I forget the stuff I have, especially if I’ve never worn it or if it’s tucked way back in the closet (or if it is in one of the secondary closets out of necessity).

I had to do a few errands (including going a bit crazy at Old Navy – more about that later…) today and remembered that I had this silk bustier top from the Proenza Schouler Go International line. After wearing the dress from the line, I thought this might be safer as a weekend item. Probably not so much for work. I love the top but it’s a bit too loose and a bit too busty for the office.

Anyhow, I decided to pair it with my denim skirt and, for modesty’s sake, I wore my white cropped cardigan with it.

To tie the colors together a bit, I decided to wear these little kitten heeled white slides from Hype. These are more of the girly little slides that I like so much and used to wear so often.

My fa-vor-ite part of these adorable little shoes are the two buttons on the strap. Super cute.

Then, tonight we had a neighbor’s party to go to. I was a bit tired but knew it would be fun, so I pulled it together. I wanted to be cool and comfortable as the party was an outside BBQ/potluck. I ended up wearing a dress I bought today from Old Navy which I had bought because it just looked so fresh and felt so comfy.

Yeah, I know, who is stupid enough to wear white to a BBQ? That would be me.

Actually, I felt the risk was minimal because we had had a late lunch so knew I probably would not be eating a lot. The dress is an adorable white cotton with red smocking and needlepoint stitching.

For some reason this isn’t on the Old Navy site yet. Maybe it’s too new.

Cute detail, huh?

It was warm out, but a bit buggy. I covered up from the late day sun with a straw hat and the same white cardigan from earlier today. I had a Chinese paper fan to keep cool and wore my favorite classic Keds sneakers. No fancy shoes when you are traipsing across the street, walking in gravel and standing in the grass.

It was a lovely night. My neighbors are all so great. We’re lucky to be where we are.

The Devil’s in the Details

Friday night we went out with our good friend Miss C for her bday. It was going to be a pretty casual group and we were going to a non-fancy restaurant, so I didn’t want or need to get too dressy. Also we were going right after work so I wouldn’t have a lot of time to change.

But even though I was not dressing up, I still wanted to have some very “me” items since I would be meeting some new folks. So, I went simple with the clothes, just Gap jeans and a scoop-neck black top.

But I jazzed it up with some red “details”…

Of course I picked the shoes first – the red sequin Manolos (luckily I didn’t wear my red double-strap Nine West mary janes – Miss C wore hers). Then I wore my Paraphernalia heart necklace. To keep with the red but a totally different style element, I switched into my (80s?) vintage clutch.

Maybe a little matchy but because the styles and textures were all different, I think they played off of each other in a fun way.

Oh, My Giddy Heart!

In spite of some of the Stella McCartney craziness we saw from her this past season, I was totally smitten with these platform sandals. I was browsing the Barney’s sale (why? why? why???) and saw them. There. On sale. For a huge amount off.


Luckily they didn’t have my size.

But never one to let a shoe get away I thought, well, maybe I’d just see if there were any in my size in the stores. Now, these started at 6, per the Stella site, so I probably won’t even have the option.

Yeah, no, they had a 5.5 and it was the last one left.

Dear Reader, I got them.

I hope they are as beautiful in person as they are here. I think they are going to make me 10 feet tall! There’s still plenty of warm weather left to wear them, right???

Shoe Daydreams 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Pink Explosions by tzatziki

Today is a very special day around here because today is the 500th post and the 1 year anniversary of Shoe Daydreams!!!

I can’t believe that a year has already flown by since I did my first post. Back then I had been reading several blogs and was inspired to try my own. Little did I know how much I would enjoy it.

Part of writing this blog came out of my sheer love and enjoyment of shoes and fashion. North Carolina is a great place to live but, where I am, is not a high fashion capital. And, frankly, I think some of my office mates were getting bored with all the shoe talk!

Online I found some amazing friends who are great writers, hilariously funny and amazingly inspirational all around, not just in the fashion department. Just a few to mention are:

Manolo was very supportive and added me to his blog roll right away. I was so excited.

Miss WendyB has made me laugh my ass off and taught me a thing or two about crazy monarchs, something I already loved but now know lots more about.

Winona has also been so funny it’s almost wrong. I’ve embraced by shiny addiction with Martin’s support and learned to fear what five guys could be thinking about some of my crazier choices.

Style Spy is too ready of an enabler and entices me to get more red patent leather in my life… as if I needed more!

Susie Bubble – Her layered masterpieces and overseas selections help me keep my eyes and mind open.

The Queens’ style has made me want to add more toughness to my selections. And more adorable jewelry choices.

Lady Coveted’s vintage selections make me wish we lived closer so I we could share closets.

And Miss Gala – it was great to meet her in person and I’m glad she’s online so I can get my fix each day. I’m sure there are tons of loyal nonpareils who feel the same.

Of course these are just a few of the people who keep the blogosphere running for me. I can’t say how obsessively I check back to all of my favorite sites (and Tweets and Flickr) because it might be a little scary. Only their analytics programs know for sure.

I also love love love that you all come by to read my ramblings and listen to me babbling about new shoes or a designer I just found. I love the comments I get on here and via email. It totally makes my day like you would not believe.

To celebrate and to show my love and appreciation for you all, I’d like to give a little a little present back to YOU!

Since I love to hear your stories, send me a story (or a photo or a collage or anything) about your favorite/funniest/most mortifying/happiest shoe or fashion-related moment. You can send it to me either in the comments here or to my email (see up there to the right). I’m on Flickr, Polyvore, and Twitter – so any contact method is cool.

And what sort of a prize will we be having for this Celebration??? Well, you have two choices –

Option A: $50 Zappos Gift Certificate

Option B: Two amazing books – Manolo Blahnik’s Drawings and Blahniks by Bowman book of photos.

The Shoe Daydreams Share Your Shoe Story Celebration contest will run through July 20th. I’m looking forward to some fun stories for everyone. I’ll have this button up on the left so it will be easy to check back.

If you want to share the contest with anyone, please feel free to do so. You can grab the image here or I can even send you the html code – just drop me an email.

Thank you all again for being here and for making this so much fun. I was asked when I started this if there was really that much to say about shoes and all, I would have to say, resoundingly, YES! And I can’t wait to keep going into the next year.



Back to School

I’m not sure what it is about school supplies and the back to school time period that I like so much. I was in Target tonight and they were just starting to put out all of the school supplies and I had to take a run down the aisles. I know it’s kind of dorky but I just love all the paper, folders, pens and notebooks. I have way way way too many notebooks.

But I also love the prep school/school uniform look. I’m pretty fond of plaid. I think nine years in a parochial school will do that to you. Now I when I see plaid skirts or school boy jackets I just can’t resist.

I just got two blazers that I found on sale for 50% off. I wasn’t familiar with the BB Dakota line but they’re awfully cute. When I did a search to get some images, I saw my cute blazer was in WWD.

It was the Beetlejuiceiness of the stripes that made me jump on it. B&W graphic stripes. Yes please!

There were not a lot of images on the site I bought it from so when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by all of the detail on the jacket. It’s a little long in the sleeves but that is pretty typical for me. It’s also a bit loose in the torso but I think I can always get it taken in, or even corset up the back with some ribbon.

I also got this jacket for 50% off and it’s also by BB Dakota. This one is navy with white edges.

Here’s my favorite surprise detail – both jackets have these giant safety pins at the cuff rather than buttons. Gah! Adorable!

I got both jackets for less than $100 bucks. Quite the bargain! I’m sooo pleased.

One more SATC: Movie commentary. Like we need more of those!

First off – If you are even more of a procrastinator than I am and have not seen the SATC Movie and you don’t want any spoilers, please stop reading now.

Yeah, I know everyone and their brother has given a rundown on the movie and picked apart everything from the fashion to the shoes to the wall color and the brand of sheets on Charlotte’s bed.


I’m slack, okay. I get it.

And even though I was actually in New York the day the movie opened, I didn’t go until just last night. But, I like it that way. I don’t mind knowing stuff about the movie. Heck, I bought the book and read it before I went. What was great was the movie was pretty empty so I didn’t get all distracted by other people in the theater. And I went by myself so I wouldn’t have to share it with the hubby (especially since I don’t think he was totally into it. Not sure why.)

Rather than do a big overview and deconstruction of all the nuances, this is more of a list (albeit a long list) of impressions and the stream of consciousness thoughts that went through my head while I watched the movie. Some of which I was texting the hubby at home as it went on. Generally I thought it was good although a bit choppy in the beginning and the banter seemed a bit forced compared to the show. But I expected that due to the change is format.

1. Why the hell are they using a stupid Fergie song as the movie opener? Yuck!

2. Labels & Love? I never really thought that the girls were label whores. Yes, they like designer clothes but they didn’t wear anything just because it was from a designer. It was fashion they loved. I don’t consider that to be the same thing. Maybe it is nowadays.

3. That Smith Jared turned into quite a man, didn’t he?

4. My favorite outfit in the whole movie is Carrie’s white vest and slacks with the pink shirt, hatbox purse and black accents.

5. I love that Carrie wears that belt throughout.

6. I. Adore. Anthony

7. OMG! What the heck happened to Candice Bergen? I’m not trying to be mean but she’s swelled.

8. I’m sooo glad they didn’t have a ton of Vogue staffers (especially that insufferable Andre Leon Talley) all up in the movie getting screen time.

9. I have to admit it. SJP looked amazing in the Vogue shoot. I thought she looked good in the magazine shots but that could have been lots of airbrushing and soft-focus. Maybe they touched up the footage but she looked good in the dresses, especially the Vera Wang and the Lacroix.

10. Carrie cannot read with emotion at all. Get Gary Oldman in there to read Beethoven’s love letter.

11. Second favorite outfit – the Proenza Schouler outfit she wears to the library. Especially those shoes. Darn! Plus, that library is gorgeous.

12. Saying “Let’s just get it over with” during sex? OUCH!

13. I know it’s not really a Disney coloring book but it sure looks like it.

14. Love the jeans outfit Carrie’s wearing when she sees the closet for the first time. Per the book, SJP was just wearing that on the set for a fitting and Patricia Field suggested she wear it for the scene.

15. The Closet – WOW! Not that I would want that exact one, but the dream of so much space… sigh!

16. Fashion show montage – better here or in The Sweetest Thing????

17. Who packs boxes in those clothes?

18. You’d think they’d be used to seeing Samantha by the 5th “homecoming”. Geez.

19. Okay, yeah, I’d squeal for the 2nd bottle of Champagne.

20. LOVE how Samantha shuts down Karl the d**khead at the rehearsal dinner. Loved it! But I’m not sure about those earrings with the collar of the dress.

21. Wait a second! Why are they letting the 4-year-old (five year old?) carry that $5000 cupcake bag. God dammit!

22. Carrie looked alternately scary and gorgeous. Under her veil she was transformed. It reminded me of how Astair transforms Hepburn’s image in Funny Face.

23. All of the girls looked just gorgeous in their bridesmaid dresses especially Charlotte. I love that the crew nicknamed the dress “The Black Swan”.

24. When Carrie beats Big with the flowers, I was a bit taken aback. She’s was a little crazed. And frankly I thought it a bit of an over-reaction. I would have been a bit afraid of her.

25. Best acting of the movie – Charlotte’s face as she yells “NO!” at Big. It was spot on. Worth it to see the movie again just for that moment.

26. I thought the whole “waxing” and having Charlotte “Poughkeepsie” in her pants was kind of unnecessary.

27. Although in the later scene it is funny when Carrie says the fact that she had pooped herself meant she was all done with the bad karma for the year.

28. Did anyone notice that Carrie’s phone is all duct taped up? She’s not a technology girl. So she doesn’t spend her money there. Nice detail.

29. Oooh! And when Carrie’s listening to her voicemail from Big on the day of the wedding the mailbox voice said it was from September 20th. That’s my wedding day! Ha!

30. Did she not notice the Asian guy had walked in wearing a pair of hot pink heels? Seriously?

31. Okay, who has not heard about Bag, Borrow and Steal. I mean, I knew of them about five years ago when they first started. Also, to borrow a bag you still pay a rental fee for each week – like $100+ a week depending on the bag. If Louise is so broke how can she even afford that? It’s still expensive. And the whole thing with her and the “labeled” bags just kind of creeped me out. It’s why all these young girls are going into serious debt trying to keep up with women who are more established and have more discretionary income. So Louise is still trying to keep up.

32. Plus, I can’t see Carrie ever caring about that service. I don’t think she would be down with the whole borrow and return thing. It’s like pretending you own something. I don’t like it.

33. So here’s a observation that could be so thin it’s practically see-through but let’s stretch the metaphor – I’m very glad it’s a rescue dog but a) didn’t they say it was a “she”? b) girl and fixed dogs only mount to display dominance. Is that what Samantha is doing with sex? and c) I’d say it was a bit of a compulsion with the dog. Is sex a compulsion with Samantha? Just reading too much into it possibly.

34. Sublimating with food. Ha!

35. I can totally understand Charlotte’s fear about having so many good things and being terrified that something terrible was going to happen. Who doesn’t feel that sometimes?

36. Dang it! Yes, I cried a bit during the New Year’s Eve scene.

37. No one who loves shoes that much would wear white kid leather booties to run out into the snow and sleet.

38. Where was Vivienne Westwood at the end of her fashion show?

39. Miranda looked really really good on Valentine’s Day.

40. Stupid Vogue masthead “beauty shot”. We get it. Vogue. Sponsor. Can we be done already?

41. “I’m an emotional cutter.” Funny line.

42. I’m glad that the girls are a part of creating their own problems, that they recognize it and then work to fix it.

43. A friend had a good point – Louise spends three months in NYC then gets her engagement? What a cop-out.

44. Hello! Penis!

45. Dang it! Cried more on the bridge. Stupid emotions!

46. Carrie’s apartment – Love the new wall color. Not a huge fan of the floral couches.

47. When Samantha tells Smith she wants to leave him I was surprised he wasn’t more surprised. I would have expected him to think she wants to move back to NYC not leave him.

48. I don’t think that once Samantha left she would still be scarfing down food on the plane. Would she?

49. Charlotte looks like a big ol’ beach ball in her polka-dot dress and pink coat – but I think she would revel in that since she’d wanted the baby so badly.

50. I love that deconstructed jacket with the floral rosettes Carrie wears when she goes back to the closet to get her heels.

51. I hate the fact that the “Something Blue” heels in the movie have a higher and skinnier heel than the ones they are selling now. I just know it! Oh yeah, and that’s a heck of a price increase from $525 to $895 (or $945 or whichever it is today).

So there you go! Think there will be another movie?