American Express Blogger Meet-up at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

On Friday I had the opportunity to spend time in person with some of my favorite bloggers in the American Express Tent Lobby Lounge and the Skybox.

Typically these venues are used to provide some amazing card member Fashion Week experiences, but in conjunction with the IFB Blogger Conference, a few of us were able to check the space out, have some refreshments and spend an hour with Fern Mallis, who is the Senior VP of IMG Fashion which is the company that puts on Fashion Week.

It was a great opportunity to ask her some questions about the future of fashion and Fashion Week, especially as it is moving to Lincoln Center next season, access to the shows and her thoughts on traditional versus new media.

We all were live tweeting using #amexMBFW to track the comments so you can check them out too.

There were some good questions asked, such as how can we bloggers help to educate designers on the value of blog coverage and why is the venue moving (more size, better access were the main reasons!)

And of course lots of photos were taken!

It was a great opportunity to see the space, talk with Fern and connect with other bloggers. It really showed how smart and savvy these writers are.

It gives me great hope, especially as Fern said she would be checking out the sites of the attendees, that the independent media’s influence will continue to grow. I also think its important for these companies and brands to know how passionate these writers are and that they can provide just smart, comprehensive and influential coverage for the shows. Continue to provide us with access and we will give you smart coverage and a real passion for Fashion.


  1. Kim Cihlar · February 14, 2010

    Thank you, this is a great wrap up, but FYI, it's FERN Mallis.Keep up the good work. Bloggers unite!xok


  2. Bobbin Talk · February 15, 2010

    Running around at other venues Totally missed out on it! Aghhhh! I wish I wish I had a clone!


  3. Princess Poochie · February 15, 2010

    Whoops! Thanks Kim. Fixed!


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