Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Arise Magazine African Collective – Part III

I was so excited to get a seat at the Arise Magazine African Collective Part III show this season. I was going to go last season but had to leave early and missed it. And this was a beautiful show.

Taking place in three parts with three designers spanning First Light, Noon and Midnight, the show space was conceptual and had great depth.

I have each segment on video with the final walk through showing all of the looks.

The first segment is Black Coffee from South Africa. This show featured the most amazing coats that were so oversized and lush. While they were wool, it was great to see a warm luxury look without the use of fur.

The Noon segment was Loin Cloth & Ashes from Tanzania. I loved the translation of the origami bird motif were pulled through to the folds and cuts of the clothes as well as in the accessories.

The third segment was Deola Sagoe from Nigeria. This collection was unique in its inspirations from Maasai warriors combined with 18th century European military uniforms. You would think those would be incongruous from one another but the intricacy of each complimented the other.

The close –

There are some additional still shots online. Check them out:

Here at Zimbio

At Posh Glam

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week site

At BellaNinja – Black Coffee, Loin Cloth & Ashes, Deola Sagoe

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