Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Katy Stern Venexiana Fall 2010

I was excited to see the Kati Stern Venexiana show while I was at Fashion Week. And I was not disappointed. While I was sad to see so much fur as a part of the show, which for some reason I wasn’t expecting, the evening wear was gorgeous.

There was a beautiful range of fabrics which is what stood out the most to me. The range of black, cream and gold, as well as navy, sage and lavender was elegant but in a very refined way. The show featured several dresses in this striking gold.

But I loved the patterns…

This mix of colors was lovely in person.

Click to enlarge and see the beautiful flounce on the bodice.

This very sparkly dress was a bit of a stand-alone during the show but you had to admit it jumped out at you.

The burned out velvet was a great contrast to the lightness of the skirt.

I love this oversize and shimmery plaid.

I’m not typically a fan of the mermaid style but I loved the pleated inset in the back.

I need a place to wear a big princess-y skirt like this.

While most of the dresses were longer and more formal, I loved this sassy dress with the two-tier ruffles

But the showstopper of the night was this lavender and black dress. It’s hard to tell in a still image but this dress moved! Those tiers were amazing and I was in awe. I need a good long entrance, a party to wear it to, and that dress. I mean, damn!

I don’t have nearly enough opportunity to dress formal anymore but just knowing there are dresses like these out there makes me happy.

More images to be found on my NYFW Fall 2010 Flickr set.


  1. limited edition shoes · June 16, 2010

    I agree about the sassy dress. I loved it too.


  2. Jolie sélection de robes.Lilou


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