Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week – Day 1

Hello from NYC and Fashion Week!

Well, sort of Fashion Week. I got in around 2pm and then unpacked and ran over to get my creds at the tents. I just missed the start of the Ports show (darn it!) but I did have time to come back and get cleaned up. It had been a late night and an early morning so it felt good to unpack and relax.

Oh, by the way I ended up sticking with the red hair, although a lighter shade.

I’m in a good location right near Grand Central just a few blocks from the tents.

It’s a small room but pretty nice.

It doesn’t look like it here but I packed probably way more than I could possibly need.

And these babies came with me. Where might they make an appearance???

Due to the snow, I came in a day late and was sad that I was going to miss Wendy B’s sale but she had to move it because of the weather. So I was able to head to the Upper East Side to check out her showing.

I wore:

– Rosette cardigan from White House Black Market
– Tulle skirt dress from Target
– Aerosole black patent buckle pumps

I bought this cardigan specifically to wear with this dress and just love it. Especially the raw edge rosettes.

Because it’s still pretty icy and slushy, the shoes I brought (besides the boots I’ll be wearing most of the day time) are patent heels and these Aerosoles ones are about 8 years old and get worn constantly. I love them.

I paired the outfit up with this cute little clutch from Banana Republic. I don’t really use a small clutch purse very often so I only have two. I like this to be simple, with unique materials or textures so that I can wear them dressy or with jeans. The creamy white and simple shape of this one adds to the versatility.

It was a nice turnout at the show. I didn’t take a bunch of pictures – too busy chatting and admiring jewelry, but I think Wendy will have some up soon! I’ll link to them asap.

Now off to bed because the weeks really gets cooking for me tomorrow.

A Tempting Trio – Bergdorfs, Shoes and my iPhone

Not that I need it to be any easier to spend my money on shoes at Bergdorfs (one of my very favorite stores!) but now there is a great, and free, app for the iPhone that allows you to have exclusive access to a featured shoe.

Each day one shoe will be selected which will only be available via the app and in the store. And if you order via the app, you recieve expidited delivery! Whoo hoo!

You can also share the finds with friend and get complimentary returns. And on top of all that, Bergdorfs is currently making a $5 donation for City Harvest for every app downloaded.

So go! Download it now! I have it so I’m all ready for my trip up to NYC. But if you are already there, I’ve heard rumor that there are hotspots in the store where you can download it asap.

I’m hoping you’ll soon see me in the store having tea and browsing for shoes but until I’m there, I’ll be having fun online.

Fashion Week Bingo

Snow, people… SNNOOOOWWWWW!!!!

I’m not happy about it.

I learned last year you don’t have to dress up for the tents so, whew! But you know there’s going to be those people that attempt to look “fashionable” rather than warm. So I’m going to play Fashion Week Bingo.

There’s a few versions I found online here and here. Mine includes:

– Slipping on ice

– Pouting because shoes are ruined in the snow

– Broken heel

– Limping

– Drippy hair

– Inside out umbrella

– Fight over a taxi

– Hypothermia

Any other additions?

Maybe we can make a board and have prizes!!! FW swag anyone?

I Spy – New York Fashion Week

It’s so close now, I can almost taste the panic! Yep, Fashion Week is in just 4 days and I’ve really got to get my packing list in order.

But I do know I’m going to find a way to wear my new vintage coat from Shrimpton Couture.

So, if you are looking for me around town and around the tents I’ll either be wearing this:

or this longer black coat with the faux collar.

I can deal with cold but lets hope we can keep the snow/ice/rain to a minimum, okey doke?
Remember – the best way to keep in touch is on Twitter, so grab me there at @PrincessPoochie

Destruction before Construction

It’s a known fact that you have to make a bigger mess and pull everything out before you can put it all away, neat and tidy.

That’s how I’m feeling right now.

I don’t know if it’s the month of February or what, but I’m feeling like things are crashing down on me right now. Maybe it’s because I’m not feeling so great these last few days. Or all the cold wet weather keeping us stuck in the house. Or nervousness/anticipation of travelling next week.

I love going to New York but it feels very hectic. The weather is throwing me and may packing capabilities off-balance. I grew up in Florida. I’m still learning how to dress for colder weather. And combining that with a desire to look nice, not take a million suitcases and having to hand carry my camera, computer, purse and shoes…. well, it seems to be a recipe for disaster more than fun.

I’m trying to balance the trip prep with my work prep. My work offline does not stop or even slow down just because I’m out of town. Not in the slightest. So I need to be able to cover that while covering what I’m spending a good chunk of change to come to NYC to see.

Combine all this with knowing I’m ditching the hubby with all the pets and house duties and other everyday concerns, I’m stressing.

Oh yeah, and I’m not thrilling to my new haircut from last week.

I’m sure it will be good when I’m there (I hope… please let’s minimize the rain, okay?) and I’ll probably be too busy to fret but right now I’m in a frenzy and can’t concentrate.

Who has some great tips on how to calm down, focus and pack to dress cute in cold rainy weather!

I fee like a big mess so any thoughts are appreciated!


Fashion Plate

I can’t tell you what made this pop into my head the other day, but I am now TOTALLY excited!

I remembered my Fashion Plates set from AGES ago.

I’m sure even the “younger” crowd remembers the rehash of this toy that came out probably 20 years later but I don’t think it was nearly as cool as the original set.

I know I’ve said I was not a fashion-y kid but I do remember using this for hours and hours creating new combinations.

So yeah, I tracked a set down on eBay, paid way too much for it and it will soon be mine! Guess what I will be doing all day long after I get this home to me.

I may even have to buy the expansion pack they made for this.

Now, if I could only get a great deal on the Weebles Haunted House and the Fisher Price farm