Classic Comfort

I’m not really a flip flops kind of girl but I do like to take a break from heels every now and then. In the Summer especially we’re doing a lot of running around and walking to events so I actually need to wear flat shoes.

I tend to prefer the classic comfort options of ballet flats, Keds, Topsiders and Converse.

I’m just as picky about my flat shoes being fun and interesting as I am for the heels. I love ballet flats with color, pattern and detail. Last summer I nabbed this preppy striped pair from American Eagle but Old Navy and JCrew have cute options with color and embellishments as well.

I’m a recent Chuck Taylor Converse devotee and can’t live with out them now. I have low tops in red and in silver sequins but a cute pair of high-tops in bubble-gum pink. I’m debating a black pair or maybe a pair of custom created ones from the Converse website.

If I ever had to limit my shoe closet down to a ridiculous low number (like under 10 or something), I can guarantee you that Keds Champion classics in white canvas would make the cut. I can’t remember a time I haven’t had a pair or two of these in my closet. There used to be a high top version which I had in high school and I miss them terribly. I think I could wear these 80% of the time and not feel out of place.

Right now I’m wearing these Sperry Topsiders in this great green. These are another shoe from my childhood. My Dad always wore them on weekends and I love my pair now. They do come in some great colors (although I think my green ones are out of stock). I’m currently debating if I need a pair of bright pink patent ones.

What are your go to comfort shoes for the Summer?


  1. jennine · April 13, 2010

    right now i have a pair of jessica simpson ballet flats that i just live in.. live. in.


  2. Vyque · April 14, 2010

    What ballet flats do you think or the most comfortable? I can't find anything better than my Tory Burch ones.. thinking about Delman though.


  3. Princess Poochie · April 15, 2010

    Vyque – I don't have to walk long distances through the city so I can get away with inexpensive flats. I used Target flats all over NYC but for just a few days. I like Delmans too but most of them don't start until size 6 which is a challenge for me. I don't like the flats with elastic backs because they cut into my heels. I've heard good things about repettos and French Sole.


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