SD Review: Tsubo Asmik Wedge

Recently a representative from Tsubo offered to send me a few of their shoes to test out and, as I love learning about new brands, I was excited to accept.

They very kindly sent me two pairs and the first one I tried out was the Asmik mary-jane wedge in black. I don’t wear a lot of wedges so it was great to give this a shot.

Tsubo is all about combining comfort and style. I rarely get both in the shoes I wear!

The Asmiks were fun to kick around in. I wore them for a full day of errands and can assure you that they were very comfortable. They have a cushiony insole and the adjustable strap ensures you find your perfect level of tightness. I have pretty high arches so having a strap across the top of my foot can be painful unless it is adjustable.

I did have to adjust my walking style a bit. Wearing a wedge compared to a heel is like driving an SUV vs a car, ya know.

I love the grippy sole too. It really ensures your stability.

My favorite way to wear these is paired with some bright tights. They have such a cute shape!

You can buy the Tsubo shoes via their website and they have men’s shoes as well. I’ll be sharing the other style with you soon!


  1. Sedamar Esaki · April 21, 2010

    I am not convinced yet if I like them much but they look very comfortable.


  2. WendyB · April 22, 2010

    Cute but too low for me! Tell 'em to add about 4 inches to those wedges and then I'll be thrilled.


  3. TheShoeGirl · April 22, 2010

    You know me and comfort shoes do NOT mix, but with the bright tights… CUTE! Then again you could probably wear paper bag shoes and you'd look adorbs. ❤


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