Still Stuck on Spikes

I can’t stop thinking about spikes.  The more extreme the better.  And yes, I would totally wear these in my daily life.  I think people want a bit of fear with fashion.  I get more compliments and comments when I wear my spike-y Freddy Louboutin oxfords than any other shoe… imagine the reaction to these amazing pumps by Barbara Gongini, creator of the bARBARA í gONGINI line.

You have to love the Scandinavian designers.  They have amazing vision. 
I probably wouldn’t impale myself on these.. they spikes are rubber.  What’s even more interesting is the note that goes with them: “as part of the barbara gongini aesthetic, the paint on these shoes will crack with wear”.  I wonder if they become even more distressed and industrial and apocalyptic as time goes on.

Barbara Gongini Spiked Pumps – $398 at I Don’t Like Mondays

View the bARBARA í gONGINI collections

Seasonal Swap

This weekend it’s finally time to do my Seasonal Swap.
I have three very accessible closets but twice a year I switch light tees for jackets and heavier skirts for summer ones. I also try to be good and clear out some of the shoes and clothes I don’t wear as often as I should.  I don’t seem to have a lot of clothes I want to get rid of this year but I am clearing out a bunch of clothes and some accessories.

I have some big secret plans for one of my closets and I need to make some room.  These shoes are off to consignment or Craigslist. More on that soon… as soon as I get all the pieces together and in place.

Even if you have a single closet, do you switch around around your seasonal favorites?

Tempting Toppers

I’m very excited to be getting/have purchased some new delicious little fascinators to perch upon my noggin.  I do have a vintage piece I recently scored that I need to shoot but the pieces below are from two of my favorite talented designers. both available on their dedicated sites and on Etsy.

First up, from Topsy Turvy Designs, is the slightly wicked Candy Apple.  Kim’s designs are lush, detailed and simply amazing.  I need to find a way to get one of her tricorn hats into my life.   The apple, I’ve had my eye on (sans fly) and will be a dark counterpoint to my Agent Lover Cake hat.

I also snatched up two other adorable pieces from Mary at Pretty Good Things. She has somehow managed to bring all my whimsical dreams to life with her pieces. 

I’ve had my eye on a Bun-Bun piece and her latest sale allowed me to nab it.  I think I need a black velvet one too.

I also grabbed the Meadow facinator too (on sale for only $5!).  I have Oh Deer! piece (super adorable – see it on me here) and a version with a hot pink base and pink butterflies… this combines them both!

It may be Winter but I can wear a green meadow all year long!

Images courtesy of their designers.

Le Sigh – Valentino Studded Kitten heels

I’ve always loved kitten heels with pointy toes.  I think they have the most elegant heel shapes and the advantage of being walkable as well.  And now I’m coveting the Valentino combination of kitten heel and studded straps.

They come in black with nude studded straps and the reverse. Nordstrom has the all tan version. There is even a flat version in a pinkish-tan and a skimmer in black with tan edges.

Studs and kitten heels, a crazy combo as the new classic.

Trendspotting: Moroccan Wedding Quilt

Did you know that not only am I a sucker for shoes and sequins but I am also very susceptible to buying vintage bedding, quilts and blankets?  I think I have at least 20 blankets with a good majority of them being vintage – from an authentic Swiss army to a Hudson Bay striped camp blanket and a crazy bright yellow chenille peacock coverlet. I just feel a need to have a stockpile of cozy-ness at hand at all times. 

I must be missing my baby blankie.

But now I’m totally smitten with handira, a Moroccan wedding quilt.   These blankets are stunning.  I first saw one on the Corks and Caftans blog.  How could you not want to snuggle into this amazing bed?  Doesn’t that look dreamy?

Well, when I saw it, I had to find out more and what I learned made them even more interesting.  These blankets are made made by Berber women in anticipation of a female family member’s wedding.  Apartment Therapy has some great information on them including:
Berber wedding blankets are woven in anticipation of, you guessed it, a wedding, by the bride’s female relatives. It can take many hours — even weeks — of work to attach those hundreds of mirrored sequins once the weaving is complete; it is thought that during this collaborative task, the bride’s relatives teach her all about the birds and the bees, among other marital duties and expectations. After the wedding ceremony, the bride wears the blanket tied around her neck as a kind of cape. It might be associated with her trip to her new marital home, which could be a chilly ride.

For Berbers, objects and visual motifs contain myriad meanings and purposes. The process of hand-weaving, itself, when undertaken mindfully, is thought to endow the textile with baraka, or blessings. When complete, the wedding blanket serves not only as warmth and decoration for the bride, but also to ward off evil and to bestow fertility and good luck upon the newlyweds.
Blessings, sequins and beautiful craftsmanship… dreamy!

So I tracked down one of the best sources for these vintage quilts, Maryam from My Marrakesh.  She has a variety of these quilts as well as other beautiful rugs, poufs and textiles.

I’m in the process of ordering one from her (which one to be revealed once it arrives) so I will tell you how it goes.

There are other purveyors of these textiles – L’aviva Home carries them as well – but Maryam is considered the expert and a trusted source.  I can’t wait to be wrapped up in a blanket made of sequins and dreams.

Fashion Week Spring 2011: Mataano

One of the best parts of Fashion Week, to me any ways, is to learn about new designers that I have not heard of before.  They usually have an unexpected perspective and, because they are so new, they get very creative executing their presentations.

One of the loveliest I saw during the week (yep, I’m really spacing out these show posts) was the Mataano presentation.

Per their information sheet (I love to see how they present themselves.  Must be the Marketing person side of me):
Twins Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim launched Mataano with a Spring 2009 capsule collection to honor the unique and beautiful traditions found all over the world through their brand. The twin’s love and appreciation of rich cultural diversity has always inspired their designs. By tapping into their Somali, and American heritage, they aim to bring a multi cultural approach to design. Mataano’s attention to craftsmanship and styling is changing the way women dress to accommodate a global lifestyle where elegance must meet a woman’s everyday needs.
Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

For our Spring/Summer 2011 Collection you will sense nostalgia for the late1950’s to early 1960’s, but we didn’t let it overpower our modern sensibility. The highlight of this collection is the use of silk; from Italian shantung to printed organza you will find an array of silk blends. We wanted our customer to feel light and airy in her Spring clothes. The color palette presents an interesting marriage of unexpected light and dark tones to give the option for day and evening.

What was interesting was the venue.  The presentation was at the Museum of Biblical Art which is filled with these amazing example of iconography.   The room was hushed and the clothes, some on models and some on mannequins, contrasted with the intricate gilt displayed throughout.  Because this was a presentation, I was able to get up close to see the details of the pieces and take my time capturing shots.

Here are a few of my takes:

Here are some of the full shots provided but the designers:

That last look is my favorite.  I love the lace insets in the black and creme pieces but the flirty skirt and billowy jacket top looks comfortable and elegant. 

To learn more about Mataano visit them online or email them at

Planning for Poverty: Prada and Miu Miu Spring 2011

I am no longer allowed to look at the Prad and Miu Miu runway collections.  I just seem to want almost every pair of shoes each season.  It really is a problem.  They are just too good. 

I love Miuccia knows the way to my heart… it’s through her shoes.   I love that each season is brand new but that you can also see the cues evolving from previous years and between the Prada and Miu Miu collections.

This season the Prada collection plays with the bold colors and patterns for Spring but evolves the classic 40s-50s shapes from Fall into the more streamlined and even quirky tropical looks from the mid-to-late 50s.

I will be getting one of those straw pairs (probably red) and the chartreuse and black stripe mary janes.  Ummm hmm..
But then at Miu Miu you see those same bright colors amped up to near florescence with black and metallic.  The wingtip elements and multi-strap mary janes are back and even more strappy!  There’s even a bit of the tea cups/candlesticks in the Art Deco swirls and angles as well as some of the Prada “fairy” collection in the cutouts.

There are so many to love but I think the hot pink and black ones just above are my favorites.  But I might need the green/silver/black ones too.
These collections caused a bit of a stir and, I think, rightly so.  The clothes were vibrant and playfully patterned, which appealed to me.  I could see myself wearing a few of those outfits.  But the shoes, again the shoes are a home run.