Le Sigh – Valentino Studded Kitten heels

I’ve always loved kitten heels with pointy toes.  I think they have the most elegant heel shapes and the advantage of being walkable as well.  And now I’m coveting the Valentino combination of kitten heel and studded straps.

They come in black with nude studded straps and the reverse. Nordstrom has the all tan version. There is even a flat version in a pinkish-tan and a skimmer in black with tan edges.

Studs and kitten heels, a crazy combo as the new classic.


  1. WendyB · October 18, 2010

    Normally, I don't like kitten heels but these are fabulous.


  2. Belle · October 20, 2010

    I cut these shoes out of a magazine because I love them, too! But the ones I fell in love with are red and tan instead of black. 🙂


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