Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

I had a wee Etsy breakdown moment a few week ago where I became totally smitten with this cut steel bracelet by Untamed Menagerie.  Mistakenly attributed to Marie Antoinette, the Let Them Eat Cake sentiment appeals to my snobby side as well as the feeling of being misquoted.  But that’s much too long of a story and this is too fun of a bracelet.

There is delicacy in the fanciful script but the strength in the steel creates a unique tension.  I think it’s perfect with a soft sweater, jeans and tough boots.

Let Them Eat Cake bracelet – $35 at Untamed Menagerie via Etsy

Forgetting the Feel of the Keys

Wow.  It’s been almost a week since I’ve written anything.  And nearly a week since I’ve been on the computer at all. I’ve almost forgotten how the keyboard feels.

A short holiday work week is a hectic one. And this past one was no exception. I was in such a rush on Tuesday that I ate something that made me terribly sick.  Even now I’ve eaten only bits here and there and lost about 10 pounds a these few days.  Not smart or cool.

But the time away was a good breather.  The Thanksgiving holiday can be a great break.  It’s a short holiday but one that nearly everyone in my working sphere has off so you get very little outside chatter for a solid 4 – 5 days.  Miraculous.

While I worked in between being sick on Wednesday, and Thursday was crammed full of dinner and house preparations, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were long stretches of empty freedom.  We didn’t feel the need to venture out or expose ourselves to the shopping mania.  There was no Black Friday in this house. Instead we loafed around with the pets.  Watched hours of Lie to Me, The Tudors and old movies.

Errands stayed undone.  The dogs got long walks in the Park.  Crisp air and sunny skies. We went to a live poetry reading and drank hot chocolate.  The days of going from full sun at 2:30 to darkness at 5:00 do little to make me want to accomplish much of anything.

The next few weeks will be a flurry of fitting in work before the end of the year holidays are here.  Parties and baking and gatherings and performances. Then time to reflect and come up with goals for the new year.

I hope you all had a happy and peaceful holiday.  I’m thankful for your interest, your comments, and to be here.

Inspirational Ladies

If you want the truth, I’m more inspired by these ladies than any editor, model or starlet out there.  These women have had amazing lives, are hilarious and smart.  I’ve actually made the recipes here.
I want my life to be filled with lusciousness.

Ensemble du Jour: 11-16-10

Hey look!  I’m feeling better so I actually took a picture with my face it in.  Oh, yeah.  hello new hair!

I just used my camera phone so I didn’t get a shot of the full outfit, but basically I’ve been wearing my new Gap black pants like every other day, so whatevs.
The cardigan is a Merona one with a black cami underneath.  The pants, as I mentioned were Gap and the necklaces are both from JCrew. For shoes, I wore my YSL Tribute peep-toes.

But the scarf was the focal point.  I received this pretty thing in the mail yesterday and wanted to wear it right away.   Admittedly I was a bit nervous about it when I first opened the package and felt it.  The maker is Fraas and they had called this new “Cashmink” link.  I typically would not promote cashmere or fur of any kind but then I read further to see that this was made of a new exclusive acrylic that is 20% finer than cashmere.  This scarf is amazingly soft and warm. And the color is very vibrant.

I am a big scarf fan. I think have at least 15 – 20 in various colors and levels of casual to fancy.  I have a bunch of solids that I wear when traveling.  I have the ones I keep in my coat to match my coat.  I have fun knitted ones that are super long.  I love this purple plaid but after being seduced by it’s snuggly-softness I think I want more.  Fraas has lots of solid colors (maybe the light pink and the ivory) but I love the other plaids and patterns too. 

There less than $30, so you’ll probably be seeing me wearing more of these around.

Here There Be Dragons

We’re still getting over the dread illness in our house so I’ve been beyond boring.  Here are some random musings to tide you over:

1. Outlet shopping is the worst.  EVER.  Never take me to an outlet store again.  The only thing worse?  Going to a brand new outlet mall when you have 10,000 people all trying to go on the first day too.

2. I’m wearing my office back-up flats more than any other shoe.  I’ve clearly thrown in the towel and fallen off of the sartorial map.

3. Mattress dust mite facts are scaring the crap out of me.   I think we need a new mattress now. OMG.

4. Paying for car tires (instead of shoes) really stinks.

5. People are very unobservant.   People that I see every day still ask if I’ve changed my hair.  You’d think going from red to black would be noticeable?

I need a nap.  These antibiotics are killing me.


Bountiful Bows

I am in the middle of a big yet very small project that involves shopping for the perfect chair.  And when I stumbled upon this bow-filled Starck Mademoiselle chair for Maison Moschino hotel and Kartell, I was smitten. 

And while I track that down, as it is perfect for what I’m planning, I’ve also had my attention captured by the adorable Moschino-Kartell bow flats. 

I’ve been wearing flats more and more, and these are delightful.  The “BowWow” flats are made of interwoven plastic and the colors are stunning.  I love the peach, the hot pink and the two-tone black and white.  The jaunty, offset bow ups the adorability factor.

These cute flats will be available for $119 in the Moschino boutique and on the Kartell site.

Let’s Bring Back

I am a very big fan of purchasing vintage.  Yes, clothes.  Of course, shoes, gloves, jewelry, hats and purses, but I like to incorporate vintage items with some history in all aspects of life.  Not only is my house vintage (112 years old!) but adding little emblems of more gracious times is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. 
Everything today is nondescript and disposable.  A bit of vintage can make things seem more real.  So I was thrilled and instantly smitten by Mrs. Lesley M. M. Blume and her “Let’s Bring Back” beliefs. She even has a new book under the same title that is noted as An Encyclopedia of Forgotten-Yet-Delightful, Chic, Useful, Curious, and Otherwise Commendable Things from Times Gone By”
You can see a sampling of the things that she recommends “bringing back” in the slide show here.   Personally, I was happy to see, that for me, many of these things never left. I always hand write a thank you note and I use a fountain pen every day (a pink barreled Verona with pink ink, thank you very much!).  I love lockets, carry a handkerchief and a jeweled compact and think that a good hotel lobby is the best.
Here are my two Bring Back suggestions for today.  First, the pill case.  Not a plastic day-of-the-week case.  Not an old prescription bottle. Not a wad of tinfoil. Put your vitamins or Aleve in a small jeweled case and slip it in your bag. Much more discrete and a bit classier.

And cameos.  Cameos are so delicate and lovely.  Some, like mine, can be a brooch or a necklace pendant. I love the peach and creme ones the best and they go perfectly with every season – warm browns for fall and ethereal whites in the spring.

or follow along on Twitter.

Lesley also has a Twitter, so be sure to follow her as well.

Now I’m off to book a stay at one of the loveliest hotels I know, which has an amazing lobby by the way, The Grove Park Inn.

Looking for Love

Sometimes, new hair means you need new clothes right?

Not that I “need” a lot of stuff but I did have a vision.  I wanted/needed three specific things that felt were missing in my closet.  I wanted 1. a black velvet blazer, 2. a black knit blazer and 3. black straight leg pants.

So I had a mission and I figured that between my local stores, I’d find something.  But isn’t it totally frustrating when you can’t find what you want?  I went to JCrew, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Black Market, and even into Brooks Brothers.  Nothing.

I decided to wander around Anthropologie just to see what they might have and after looking for a while and trying a bunch of stuff on, I didn’t find anything.  But just as I was walking out, I spied a black jacket on the back of a rack. It wasn’t plush as velvet but is more like a fine-wale cord.  But it does have neat top-stitching and bonus: patch pockets! Daughters of the Liberation Tulip Curtsy Blazer – $118

I wanted a black knit jacket too.  Something that had some structure but was really soft and comfortable.  I could still look nice but not be boxed in.  I had given up on this as well, as I found it after I tried on some other thing but the Gap didn’t fail me.  When I saw that this was knit but with satin Tuxedo lapels, I knew it was perfect.  Gap Tuxedo Blazer – $69.50

But what I had really gone to Gap for was black pants.   I’m not a huge wearer of pants and jeans but I usually do okay getting them there.   Gap has a whole range of styles out including these straight leg ones.   What is great, at least for me, is that they have the three lengths as well.  The ankle length is usually what I get (yes, I’m that short) as they fit me with a bit of length for heels. I may go back for the cropped style too. Gap True Straight Pants – $49.50

As frustrating as not finding what you want, it’s that great when you find exactly what you want!  Any successful shopping excursions for you lately?