Ensemble du Jour – Color and Stripes

I didn’t realize that it was going to be so chilly in New York (or in NC for that matter) in mid-May.  I’m so glad I ended up packing my vintage red trench.  It was the perfect weight, went with everything, is a great bright color and waterproof!

I wore it paired with my new JCrew Maritime dress and Franco Sarto sandals plus a woven belt from Target.

The best part of this dress, aside from the comfy slightly-heavyweight fabric, are the side zippers.   I love having them totally unzipped to make the dress even swingier.

These sandals are also perfect with the dress.  A great neutral contrast to the bold colors.

One comment

  1. Kristi · May 19, 2011

    OK – so I am not a fan of ankle straps, but those sandals are darling! May have to (gasp) change my POV look for a local knockoff.


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