Le Sigh – Miu Miu Fluorescent Spat Heels

Eminently impractical and I already have a representative pair from the season, but I am sighing over these Miu Miu fluorescent spat heel/boots.

Must talk self out because I’ve more than reached my limit of shoes for the month (heck, the rest of the year!)

Now, if someone wanted to get them for me, I wouldn’t say “No”.  I’ll take the size 6, please.


  1. Georgia Louise · May 31, 2011

    HEYA! Love your blog, it's a real inspiration! Fantastic photography I adore it! And the shoes are… le sigh to the max… Im a newbie to the blogging world (have been blogging for a few months now), trying to gain a following and thought you may be nterested? please feel free to follow me, i'd LOVE IT! Thankyou for your time and keep up the fantastic work! xxx


  2. Brigit · May 31, 2011

    Those are fun and they are showing on sale now too, down to $665!! Guess the NAP sale has started. They only have your size and a 38 left as well. I hate to be an enabler but could it be fate? 🙂


  3. TheShoeGirl · June 2, 2011

    I bought a similar pair on SALE today 😉


  4. KittyDarling · May 25, 2012

    I love shoes and I do find your blog artistic. But to be perfectly honest those shoes are ugly.


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