Instant Access – 5/23 – 5/30

This week started off so promising.

Gorgeous vintage pumps

and gorgeous vintage peep-toes

Playful kittens

and sleepy ones

Then I had to go to the feed store for 50lbs of chicken feed

And the work week ended like this… with no end to the problems in sight even today.

But I let it go with the help of some grilled cheese,

Nina Simone,

And kamakazi shots with my neighbors which somehow ended up having a fire show:

At least we had Monday off to have fun.  I went swimming with my Little Sister

and ended up with a bit of a sunburn.  So Summer is really here!
Hope you had a better week!
;  )

One comment

  1. Midtown Girl · May 31, 2011

    This is such an adorable post! I hope your sunburn is healing doll ❤


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