Instant Access – 8/29 – 9/11

I’m investing in my nails big time.  Or as big time as nail stuff can be.  Sure it adds up but the low buy-in of polish has me hooked.  Even the Konad stamping sets aren’t that much.  I got a bunch of the special polishes and plates.  Now I just need to get some skill!

This is sort of a abstract “moon” manicure using OPI Bubblebath and silver glitter moons.

Revlon Red…

My “Tiffany Box” inspired manicure using white and Revlon’s Blue Lagoon.

I really love matte polish.  This is Zoya’s Matte Velvet Lacquer in Lolly

Do I say this for every pair???  My Celeine’s are one of my favorites.  Silver croc print and a buckle.  How can you go wrong?

The Louboutin Freddys made an appearance too.

This book is amazing.  I can’t believe I haven’t read it sooner.

I love Chanel No 19 perfume.  The new Poudre version is lovely as well.

Colors!  I love a good Sharpie, but…

I use fountain pens more.  This is my Verona pen that I fill with pink ink.

My neighbors held a bomb-diggity dance party too, so we danced the night away under the full moon and the stars.

My dog was not so energetic.

On a very sad note, my wonderful Father-in-Law passed away on Friday.  We miss him terribly.  We’ve found all the great shots of him and I just love this one.  So snazzy.

It will be a busy week for us, so please forgive me if I’m not too communicative. I hope you have and had a wonderful week.

One comment

  1. Lara · September 12, 2011

    Soooo sorry about your husband losing his father. I hope he's doing okay. There's definitely a learning curve with the Konad stamping. After a while you get it right every time! Let me know if you need any tips!


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