Featured Shoe: Manolo Blahnik Nesti Slingbacks

I admit it, there are a lot of shoes that were on Sex and the City that I loved.  Sure, it’s a bit cliche but for someone outside of the City, it introduced me to designers I had not know before.

One of my favorite style moments from the series came in Season 4, Episode 65 – “A Vogue Idea”.

The episode was famous for the Vogue closet and the urban shoe myth, the Manolo Blahnik “Campari” black patent mary janes.

Yep, I had to have them and I love them, but there was another pair I had to track down as well.

I totally pined for this Vivienne Westwood suit that Carrie wore to her meeting at Vogue as well as the perfect taupe patent slingbacks she paired with it.  Check them out in action here.

I tried many other shoe hopefuls but I never found a good candidate.  Then one day I saw the following on the Saks website.  The are the Manolo Blahnik “Nesti” slingbacks.  Not quite the same shape and a bit pointier but perfect color, slingback and heel.  I was so excited!

But then I found out they were exclusive to Saks and they had not purchased my size… Oh Noes!!!

I called the buyer, the Manolo Blahnik rep, was going to special order a pair through the store… a real Shoe Search.  The Saks folks were great and helpful and even offered me a deal on another pair of Blahniks.  As I was mulling this over several weeks, my luck changed.  They did end up getting my size and the coveted shoes were mine!

These are the perfect neutral classy shoe.  I don’t often suggest getting a “classic” heel when you are investing in a designer shoe but the exact shoe I wanted seemed so elusive that I had to grab it.  I’m so happy I did. 

The heel shape is stunning.

This Saks exclusive is still available.  If you need a shoe that will go with everything, check them out.
Manolo Blahnik Nesti slingback – $725 at Saks.


  1. Anonymous · September 28, 2011

    I love shoes by Manolo Blahnik! Very chic and elegant. I actually own a pair. 🙂 Marissa A. McCownwww.afterflats.com


  2. Anonymous · September 28, 2011

    I'm glad you got the slingback! Oh, I love a great classic shoe & I covet both pair! But my profession is not conducive to high heels :- <Frances


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