Instant Access – 9/12 – 9/25

These past few weeks have been challenging.  But we are all together.  We drove to Illinois again, this time for the memorial for my Father-in-Law.  It was a beautiful event.  Hudreds of people attended and it took almost 3 hours for everyone to come through.  It was a great testimony to how beloved he was. These flowesrs were the centerpiece of the event and were so joyful and stunning and perfect.

We went through woods, over rivers and under mountains….
The dogs are great car companions…
What are you reading now???
My nails have been trashed lately, but I’m keeping them somewhat polished.  This is Deborah Lippmann’s Naked with Essie’s Midnight Cami and China Glaze’s Midnight Kiss dots using my new dotting tool (which I LOVE).

I have a problem.  More new polish…

And my new bracelet from Rahya Designs via Miss Malprop was a sunny spot to my day.

I hope you had a good week!

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