Don’t Fake It

As you are reading this, you may already be too late.

At 11amET today, the CFDA/eBay “You Can’t Fake Fashion” bags just went on sale.  I’ve had this on my calendar for a few weeks now and it was fun to jump on right at 11 and see all the designer interpretations.

While there were some fun and gorgeous options, each running $200 (for now!  I’m sure you’ll see them for much more via re-sellers), I opted for one of the basic bags which were only $45. I got the Satchel tote with the side-ties.

I think I’m going to take some inspiration from the designers and customize mine myself.

I thought the Doo.Ri bag with written inspirational notes was a fun graphic look.

I also like the Libertine sequined version.  It’s very shiny and bubbly.

The money is going towards great causes and they project a message of valuing authentic work… something I can get behind!

Nab yours now while you can!

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