Lock Down Your Fabric – Blahnik, Rousseau, Jcrew and Anthropologie

I haven’t written on this blog in ages but I had to make this post because I was so appalled and amused by this fabric situation.

Designers! This is why you lock down exclusivity for your materials!

To start with – these are all current season and currently available for purchase shoes.

First up are the Manolo Blahnik BB’s in this great embroidered floral fabric. $765 at Saks.

But I also found these JCrew Ankle-wrap slingback heels in the same fabric. $228

And then I found two shoes from Jerome Rousseau – Abelline Sandals for $595 and Booties in a black version of the floral for $895.

I also found the black version in an offering from Anthropologie – the Ouigal Pearl Block heels $228

Obviously, it’s a popular fabric, but seeing it all over really dilutes the special-ness of it. It makes you remember the fact that these are produced versus crafted.  And that’s not usually what I want in a shoe.