Coming back for a call out – Imitation = Flattery? Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen edition

Eons ago (10 years!) in blog world, I called out an early influencer’s collaboration “collection” as being a pieced together mishmash of design elements lifted from well-known and established brands’ pieces.  And over the years I’ve tried to point out knock-offs in my “Imitation = Flattery?” series.

Sadly, this hasn’t stopped even a decade on.

The latest, pretty egregious, set of products got me riled up enough to post.

I’m a big fan of Blair Eadie’s style. I have no idea where she keeps it all and I’m sure the overwhelming majority is gifted to her but, I still like a lot of the same things she likes.   I just wouldn’t have the nerve to take a bunch of high end designer pieces from my closet and then work with a company to dumb them down and mass produce them.

If you can tell me these aren’t nearly straight lifts, I’d be astonished.

Blair has said she loves a printed furry coat, especially from Shrimps, which is know for these bold styles –

Here’s the coat from the A-P x Halogen collection.

Taking shoe inspiration from others really sets me off. Here’s Blair wearing Prada patent, stacked-platform oxfords a while back and a close up of a pair from that same collection.

And then there’s the styles from her “designs”…

I might have become the most mad about the triple-bow tops and dresses because she’s making so much of them on her site.  Well, here’s the ASOS dress (top) the inspiration it came from.  I bought this dress too. A bit miffed to see it knocked-off as if the A-P versions (bottom) are totally new.

And last, but certainly not the least example, is the Prince of Wales plaid blazer with faux fur cuffs.   The collection version is cute with the pink for sure..

But I wonder how Fendi feels about being ripped off…


Pretty clear where the inspo came from, huh???

Atlantic-Pacific Collection

Her “collection” is filled with prints and tiered tulle skirts – very a la the pieces she wears from Red Valentino and Viktor and Rolf.  I  think its all very cute but I don’t think intellectual property theft is a label I’d want to wear.

Atlantic-Pacific images sourced from:

This post originally posted on October 10, 2019.

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