In Love with Design

One thing I love is independent design. So a site I keep my eye on is Young British Designers. They always have a great mix of new fresh pieces with an artistic focus.

One of the first pairs of shoes I bought post-move to NYC was actually discovered from them. I was smitten by the Camilla Elphick Lover flats in Silver. Not only are they practical for walking but they also have a sweet secret heart. ❤ How can you resist?!?

But I also had my eye on these striking pendants from Lily Kamper. She’s combined hand-crafting with resin into a very organic mineral look. I was most captured by the turquoise-y/malachite looking piece.

But really all of her pieces in resin are so striking. And not at all subtle… my favorite!

Much of her work now is focused on custom design and pendants with minerals and precious stones but her strong aesthetic really shines.

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