Preferring Pink

Is it even worth writing about pink? Pink has always been popular but now it’s ubiquitous. Its staying power shocks even more so than an iteration of shocking pink.

Growing up with Hello Kitty in the 80s, pink was always there but it was never my thing (outside of work) but now there is no escaping it. And it’s amusing me to see it surge even higher than the last 10 years of living with Millennial Pink would have led you to expect.

Funny Face, 1957

People are passionate about pink.

I was even following a Twitter poll about the best shade of pink

I was hoping it would be #fc0fc0 or #ff1ddcf

Alas the winner, somehow was Baker-Miller pink, a yawn-worthy pink with a troublesome history

But strong pink (aka Barbie Pink) is back. And if you thought Millennial Pink was everywhere, there will be no escaping it. Whether it’s actual Barbie movie fashion and collaborations, Valentino’s PP Pink for Fall 2022 RTW or Oscar de la Renta’s French Pink, Pantone’s 2022 Very Peri or 2023’s Digital Lavender never had a real chance to outshine the REAL winning color… PINK.

Valentino, Fall 2022 RTW
Oscar de la Renta French Pink, 2022

I have plenty of pink but even I’m ready for a brighter dose of fun. Zara got in the game with some flower flats in the hot shade.

Ready for Fall. Ready for Spring 2023. Will this vibrant pink last or burn away?

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