About Shoe Daydreams


By day I work in advertising and marketing but the rest of the time I’m thinking about shoes… even when I should be doing other things.

Located in New York City’s Upper East Side, my style is a mix of high and low, classic lines with unique details.  Sophisticated Precious I fall in love with the shape of a heel and I can’t resist. As Bergdorf Goodman once said, I have the best shoe collection outside of a museum.  I’m also the Keeper of #TheCarnelianKitten.

Shoe Daydreams has been featured on:

* Seventeen.com – “Cool blogs about Fashion and Style

* Featured on 5th/58th, Bergdorf Goodman’s blog – “Best Shoe Picks for Fashion Week and Beyond”

* Winner of the 2010 Top 50 Shoe Fashion Blogs ranking by Online MBA

* Featured on Apartment Therapy Shoe Organization Roundup

* Listed as one of the top 10 shoe blogs by Blogs.com

* Ranked #4 on Wikio.com for Top Shoe Blogs

* The Daily Reviewer lists Shoe Daydreams as a Top Shoe Blog

* Profiled in The News and Record

* Featured shoe blog on Alltop.com

* A Vintage Style Muse on Debutante Clothing

* Guest Blogger on Green Grechen “How to buy vintage shoes”


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