Hey, Stud! – A shocking surprise at The Museum at FIT

In my previous post where I reviewed the “Shoes: Anatomy, Identity, Magic” exhibition at The Museum at FIT, I alluded to a shocking surprise I discovered when entering the exhibit.

I expected to see a range of styles and to be familiar with all or most, and when I walked up to this particular display, even from several steps away, I knew what I was seeing before I got close but I was WRONG!

The shoes in question…

I recognize those boots… They’re the Chloé Susanna boot. Introduced in 2008 and still going strong in 2022 with multiple color options available in top end stores but also relentlessly duped.

Chloé Susanna boots in black and gold, 2022

But then I looked at the caption and my mind was blown:

Versace! MEN’s! 1992!!!!

How is this possible. I mean, look at them. Those are near on identical.

I don’t follow men’s fashion much. And in 1992 I was no where near literate about fashion, especially Versace. But how I have never even heard a whiff of a rumor about this???

So I had to do more digging to see what was happening with Versace men’s runway for Spring 1992 and it is real. This show was covered in gold stud work. It was the central theme in my opinion. I mean, check out this jacket I found on Etsy from a reseller/OG owner:

Then I struck GOLD!

Full video on YouTube

This is definitely the season and around the 9:00min mark is when you start to see the pieces with the Greek key design in studded leather, specifically the jackets. What. A. Show.

Not sure if anyone else will find this as mind-blowing as me but hey, this is why I love shoes!

Added bonus: Here’s the Vogue coverage of the Versace women’s Spring 1992 collection.

The Best of Boot Season

Boots can be tricky but when good, are so so very good. I’ve been expanding my boot wardrobe over the years. And I’m well covered with flat boots – from the  Frye Melissas to the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 black boots, as well as the Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 Rally boots in black and tan.

And who could forget the Ann Demeulemester triple laced-boots.

But for heeled boots, I’ve been bereft, since my Nine West ones completely died.   I’ve been waiting to find boot perfection and this season, it’s happened twice.

First with the Sergio Rossi Secret OTK boots in burgundy.   Amazing in person and on.   Love them….

And then,  while about to give up hope on the right talk black heeled boots, I saw the ribbon laced-up boots from the Chloe Fall 2015 RTW runway.

 So yeah, black versions. Love them!

A great pair of boots is like getting super powers. They make you feel awesome!

Inspiration = Flattery? Chloe and ASOS

While not identical, the style similarities between the Chloe Patent Cap-toe Pumps with the plexi heel…

… and the ASOS Powertrip perspex pump are certainly there. 
Dusky pinkish-taupe color, clear heel, cap-toe.

They both have a chunky look off-set by the delicate colors and clear element.  I have a weakness for this blush.
The price difference is great ($555 vs $77, both on sale) but that aside, which do you prefer?

Imitation = Flattery? Chloe and ModCloth

I haven’t done an Imitation = Flattery? post in a while, mainly because I sometimes get tired of fighting the good fight. I mean, even though many people are inspired by the designers and profess love for their style, they are perfectly happy to support people ripping them off.

Anyways, here’s the latest. These are the original Chloe wedge lace-up boots. A big favorite this past season.

I’ve seen other knock-offs but I was disappointed that ModCloth (supporters of “indie, vintage-inspired, retro & one-of-a-kind vintage”) is selling these Style Adventure Boots.

These are not “inspired by” and they aren’t evolutions of the design, they are rip-offs with cheaper materials.

And that is my main issue.

ModCloth, I’m disappointed in you.

Chloe and Me

Ever since I saw this on the runway…
I’ve been obsessing over these… The Chloe two-tone wedge heel ankle boots. They have that safari British Colonial look that I really adore.

Well, I had to break down and get them. They are even more adorable in person.

I think these will be obsessively worn as much as my Ann D.’s

There are tons of ways to wear them. Because of their sporty yet classic look they really can be dressed up or down. Cherry Blossom Girl does a great series of looks in them that I’m sure to find influencing my own choices.

Sadly, even though they just arrived and I can’t wait to wear them, I am so worn out (today was exhausting and had us running from 6:30 a.m. until almost midnight), I can’t even envision what I am going to pair them with first.

I guess I will have to dream about the perfect outfit.

What’s in Davy Jones’ Locker?

I understand that designers are feeling the need to continue to push the boundries of their designs (and consumers), especially in these economic times. By creating more “extreme” or excessive pieces they can continue to justify their higher prices. Heck, I think I’ve seen prices go up more than down in the Premier Design categories.

But seriously? Over the knee boots? Is this a really a trend that consumers are clamoring for? I find this especially surprising give the fact that there were nine (!!!) different styles of over the knee boots for fall at Bergdorf’s alone.

Now I know I’m biased against these. Frankly, I know I am no where near tall enough to ever wear these. They would go up quite a bit higher than my knee. They just seem like such a bother too. I used to ride dressage and had jodphurs and knee-boots and those were a pain sometimes. I can’t imagine trying to get these on and off.

Bergdorfs is selling –

Ralph Lauren – $1250

Prada – $1400

Manolo Blahnik – $1795

Henry Beguelin – $1400

Christian Louboutin – $1995

Christian Louboutin – $1995

Chloe – $1295

Stella McCartney – $1595

I do admire the detail on these though…

Besides my very large concern about how I would actually stuff pants into some of these (or are you meant to wear them and just a long shirt ala Lindsey Lohan???) is that I would look like Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island.

No. No. No. No. No!

But maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe the inspiration came from one very dashing
Errol Flynn, whose birthday is today. Let’s just hope that is the case and that we can someday look as good in OTK boots as he does.

Fall Favorites: Over the Top

Oh yes, there are still MORE Fall Favorites mined from the tons and tons of photos out there. I know where already looking at Spring but Fall is barely here. Of course, half of these might be going on sale soon!

Click here to check out all the past Fall Favorites posts. These are all

I don’t know if I’ve done a post with out at least one Miu Miu or Prada heel and this is no exception. The next three are all Miu Mius.

I believe these sculpted heels were inspired by shells but they remind me of the armor from the Coppola Dracula movie.

Just me? Okay… moving on…

These have a very 1970’s loafer shape with a Wes Wilson style.

Similar shape but the colors and sequins make it seem more Art Deco than funkadelic.

And, of course the iconic Prada shoe for the season with the wings. I love the evolution from the wings in the Miu Miu collection to this year. Has anyone seen these in real life? Just curious.

A veritable bouquet from Roger Vivier… but do these seem more Spring than Fall? But they might lovely with the winter florals and grey tights.

But if we’re going over the top then, let’s go big. I love the leafy Chloe styles. Love love love them. The booties are available on Net-a-Porter but I haven’t seen these. That may be a good thing but they are gorgeous.

Lately I’ve been wanting more and more feather embellishments and these are just stunning. I just love the creamy buff color. Go Givenchy!

And these Donna Karan’s look like a crazy Etsy project… but in a good way. I love the tonal colors, the fluffiness, the raw edges. I would wear these and people would stare thinking I was out of my darn mind. But who cares. I love them.

I have to admit, I haven’t seen many of these available. I know the stores and desingers have to play it a bit safer than many of these are, but what do you think? Would you like to see more crazy? A bit riskier? Sick of the safe?