Finding the Through Line

I’ve long been a fan of the Miu Miu/Prada design element through lines. Whether it was design inspiration like fairies and flowers, down to straps and materials.

In the latest collection for Miu Miu Fall 2022, Miuccia has continued to use one of my favorite elements… socks. And when perfectly paired with a heel, it’s hard to resist.

Ever since at least Fall 2007, in both the Prada and Miu Miu shows, they were a feature. And made for one of the best seasons I think they’ve had or have had in years. I know I myself bought at least 3 pairs from Miu Miu that season.

The Miu Miu look started with a very masculine wink using broguing paired with soft neutrals and pastels and fanciful wings.

Miu Miu via Vogue Fall 2007

While Prada went a bit edgier with darker ombre tones and bold colored socks with open toes paired with peep-toe heels.

Prada via Vogue Fall 2007

They kept the sock/heel trend pairing well into shows in 2018 where I was struck by the combination of athletic-influenced socks worn with a traditionally feminine kitten heel and slingback shoe which had this wonderful technical rubberized strap which elevated it from a mere simple pump.

One other subtle element that ties the two brands together are the striking sculpted heels. While Prada was leaning into athleticism, in Fall 2016, Miu Miu was going full princess with big bows on sweet round-toed heels in the most delicious satins, paired with jewels and sculpted metal caps. I loved so many of the colors and was hoping the vertiginous heel heights would make it to production, I felt the candy pink version was the best. A pair that made it into the top 5 of my Under Glass Collection.

The latest addition the my Miu Miu/Prada design chronology is the satin ballet slipper from Miu Miu. Seen as early as Spring 2016, they were paired with mismatched ribbons and grommeted buckle straps, lending a toughness to a traditionally sweet shape.

Miu Miu via Vogue Spring 2016

Now those designs are back in flats and heels for the Fall 2022 Miu Miu show, paired with retro mini skirts but with great socks. Satin, socks, sculpted heels continued on from 2016, yet still fresh and desirable.

Miu Miu via Vogue Fall 2022
Miu Miu via Vogue Fall 2022

But I, of course preferred the heel version…

I’ve stocked up on socks. It’s fun that I can be my own through line over the 15 years of style seasons.

Making More with Miu Miu – Miu Miu Fall 2015 RTW Buckle Pumps

I have long been a fan of Miu Miu, especially the shoes that get sent down the runway each season, probably to my detriment.

But Miuccia is such an amazing designer and her eye for detail and continuity is so strong and really just amazing, that it’s difficult for me to pass up.

The Fall 2015 RTW Collection was no exception.

This may be my favorite quote about a runway show in recent memory –
“As is often the case in Pradaland, there is always a drop of poison with the sugar-candy consumer desirability of this clothing—and that is what makes it all the more addictive, of course.”

Hmmm… maybe that’s my new aesthetic guiding principle right there. 

But the designs took the mid-century look and exploded it out with color and excess…

…and Glitter!!!!

Miu Miu does the best glitter. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get one of these two pairs.

 But I did end up with a piece that brings the excess of the runway down into a beautiful pump that I can’t stop wearing and the embraces the pink that is very of the moment.

The buckles on the runway were large and colorful and paired with fuzzy heels (which I actually do like but didn’t fee quite me).

This pair, which I’m adoring more each day, are simpler.

I’m wearing them with Erin Fetherston dresses and JCrew striped Tippi sweaters paired with cropped jeans. They’ve been summer but they’re going to stay on through Fall again and into Spring.

I can’t wait.

Doing Denim DIYs – Crop Step and Crop Fray

I’ve never been a big fan of pants in general or jeans specifically. I always found them uncomfortable and would wear denim skirts (still do) to get my denim fix.

That’s kind of funny because I live in, essentially, the home of denim, where a 100 year old partnership still lives on to produce American denim and some of the best selvedge around.

But lately I’ve been embracing pants more – patterned especially – and finding I also really love the denim jean/heel contrast.  But while I like wearing it more, I absolutely am not into spending a lot for it.  Maybe it’s my long-standing anathema or just the fact that I’m not tall and lanky, but I just can’t bring myself to spend a lot, even if I like it.

Sure maybe there are some magical technologies built into the fabric weave or the structure of the cut, but I probably won’t ever find out. My range generally runs from JCrew at the top end to mostly Old Navy.  Maybe I’ll be won over some day by some vintage Japanese selvedge but I can’t really ever picture me buying $1000+ jeans.

However, I was nearly won over to the $200 camp by a pair of Mother Denim Crop Step Fray Jeans, especially when paired so perfectly by Emma Roberts.

I really like this look. Lots of ankle. A classy heel. It’s polished and casual and the lack of a full hem keeps it from looking too “done”

But then I thought, I can do that!  I mean, sure the main jeans need to be good too but I’ve been recently wearing a pair of straight legged jeans that I’d cropped and frayed myself, why not give this a shot too.

So, I took advantage of the Old Navy Labor Day sale to stock up on a bunch of jeans I needed – from a pair for wearing outside with the animals, to new grey and mid-wash blue skinnies, to the pair to give the crop step fray action.

And I’m happy with the results, especially for $20 (50% off sale!)

I’ll have to get a better shot but I like how the cropped but still longer back really frames up the shoes in the front.

And at the end of the day, it really is all about showing off the shoes!

Pulling from the archives – Miu Miu Spring 2016

I was flipping through the Spring 2016 issue of Barney’s The Window last night and chuckled when I saw the following feature of Miu Miu wedge sandals…

Why did I laugh?

Because I know that fabric.   It’s from one of my favorite Miu Miu collections – Spring 2010.

I loved so many pieces from this collection, but especially my cat printed mary janes that I wear all the time…

I mean, hell, it’s my site banner image!

But I recognized the prints used immediately.  Here they are in the original show from six years ago.

 Amazing.  But in a good way?  I’m not sure.

I love the threads of theme that carry through over the seasons for Miu Miu and Prada but I do find it surprising this reuse of fairly iconic patterns.  Six years isn’t that long ago.  And frankly, the new shoe design has none of the girlish whimsy that paired so well with the fabric patterns.

I loved these designs but seeing them again now, well, this seems like a rehash.

Time to Shine

I’m not big on the “office holiday party” picture but we did at least have a venue to dress up a bit.

 My husband wore a navy velvet JCrew blazer and pants in a dark grey with a plaid bow tie. I wore Zara’s Jeweled Print Tulip Dress paired with Miu Miu silver glitter pumps and a silver belt.


Isn’t this print great?

I adore Miu Miu glitter…

This dress has such a great shape, I really need to find more in this style.  Two more parties to go.  I may have to wear this again for at least one of them!

Ensemble du Jour – 7-9-13

My outfit yesterday was a mix of soft pink and snake print with added glitter and shimmer.  So subtle, huh?

I love this pale pink cardigan and it goes so well with the pencil skirt – both from JCrew.

The glasses are my pink Miu Miu sunglasses.  I love these so much I have them in red glitter too. 

The shoes are Jimmy Choo’s Sissy sandals from about, oh, 7 years or so ago.  They’re such a pretty shimmery taupe.

This outfit is pretty much my work “uniform” – simple top, pencil skirt in a fun pattern with a boost from shoes and accessories.  You can never have too many print pencil skirts, right?

Wedding Bell Shoes

I’ve been speaking with a lovely bride-to-be about what to splurge on for her wedding.

Besides the event items – for us it was good drinks, food and a live band – there are the items for you the bride.

Back when I got married, I had actually never thought I would get married, so I didn’t have a ton of ideas or preferences.  I was probably so un-opinionated that I was annoying to my vendors.  The dress I got was okay, I did my own make-up, I should have gone with a different hairstyle.

And I didn’t really get very special shoes.

If I were to do it again, or if we were to do a vow renewal, I would have more of a theme to tie the day together, I’d wear a completely different style of dress and I’d probably get a really bright pair of shoes.

I love the idea of a fluffy white dress with a pop of colorful shoes.  The green ones above are great but I love the traditional “blue” shades too.  These beauties are all from BHLDN

I also think a pair of glittery heels would be fun too, especially in a great color.  Miu Miu, does the best, of course.

If we had to plan a wedding re-do right now, I’d find a 1950s dress and pair it with my silver Miu Miu pumps and sparkle down the aisle. 

Maybe I do need a vow renewal!

Holiday Sparkle

Work is insane and we have a million things to do every night.  So I’m sorry for being so sporadic with the posting.

Just wanted to share a quick Party Outfit snap.  I wore a light aqua cardigan embellished with crystals over a tulle skirted dress.  Curly hair and a tiny crown matched with sparkly glitter Miu Miu heels helped me to feel festive.

I hope everyone is having a fun holiday season.  I know this is a tough and busy time of year for many, especially in light of the recent tragedies.  But I’m hoping that sending good thoughts out to the world will help.

Greatest Glitter – Miu Miu

I have decided that no other designer is doing as good a job with glitter as Miu Miu. Sure, I love the Loubies, but Miu Miu is staking a claim to the glitter throne.

Sure, their Noir sunglasses were awesome, but where they really shine are their shoes!  I love the fact that they don’t limit glitter to just heels but they make sure, no matter what type of shoes you wear, you can have some sparkly glitter love.  If you want silvery glitter, you have a slew to choose from.

I personally was seduced into getting the classic pumps…

What a great heel profile!
But if you want more casual (yet still show-stopping), get the hightop sneakers.

A little bit lighter on the glitter but still snazzy when combined with black peep-toes.

Or all out, in your face, platforms.

I even like the subtle mix of the booties. The glittery heel is an unexpected surprise.

All of these gorgeous shoes are available now on  I have to say they have a great selection and their packaging is luxurious and delightful.  If you are trying to track down a special shoe or outfit, they are a great resource!