Hey, Stud! – A shocking surprise at The Museum at FIT

In my previous post where I reviewed the “Shoes: Anatomy, Identity, Magic” exhibition at The Museum at FIT, I alluded to a shocking surprise I discovered when entering the exhibit.

I expected to see a range of styles and to be familiar with all or most, and when I walked up to this particular display, even from several steps away, I knew what I was seeing before I got close but I was WRONG!

The shoes in question…

I recognize those boots… They’re the Chloé Susanna boot. Introduced in 2008 and still going strong in 2022 with multiple color options available in top end stores but also relentlessly duped.

Chloé Susanna boots in black and gold, 2022

But then I looked at the caption and my mind was blown:

Versace! MEN’s! 1992!!!!

How is this possible. I mean, look at them. Those are near on identical.

I don’t follow men’s fashion much. And in 1992 I was no where near literate about fashion, especially Versace. But how I have never even heard a whiff of a rumor about this???

So I had to do more digging to see what was happening with Versace men’s runway for Spring 1992 and it is real. This show was covered in gold stud work. It was the central theme in my opinion. I mean, check out this jacket I found on Etsy from a reseller/OG owner:

Then I struck GOLD!

Full video on YouTube

This is definitely the season and around the 9:00min mark is when you start to see the pieces with the Greek key design in studded leather, specifically the jackets. What. A. Show.

Not sure if anyone else will find this as mind-blowing as me but hey, this is why I love shoes!

Added bonus: Here’s the Vogue coverage of the Versace women’s Spring 1992 collection.

Fall Favorites: Luxe Layers

As you can tell from the previous Fall Favorites posts, I’m into excessive, embellished and decadent shoes from this season’s offerings. We talked about:

Rich Details

A Focus on Heels

Peek-a-boo Cut-outs

Of course, I think you can tell throughout that I like my shoes classically shaped but, how do we say… a bit over the top. This round is a bit different. More about the variety of materials. Still luxurious but in keeping with the clean silhouettes of the Fall/Winter season.

I know the silver pump version of these Balenciaga patent mirrored Escarpins bootie received more attention in the media but I like how the frosted material and the peach tone warms up the futuristic design.

Extreme platforms are not going anywhere this season (see Stella and Marni) and this Versace pump is right there. What I liked best about it is the color. I love how the lighter blue would play against black or brown. It’s still dusky so it works but it’s light enough to do a contrast. Plus you could wear it into the spring. I’ve become very fond of the mixing of the seasons for shoes with the use of tights. It’s fun and practical.

These Alexandra Neel boots are just divine. I love love love the rich colors, the shape and the three button-y straps. Between these and the Chanel black and white booties, I don’t know which I want more. These also have an almost steampunk vibe to them too.

Anna Sui has taken the oxford shape and created something ethereal. They seem heavily influenced by last season’s Prada/Miu Miu collections but it’s very fresh for this year. I think it’s the unique mix of metallic leather and the oil slick patent. Such a contrast but both are so gorgeous. I would wear these with everything.

This is a complete understatement: I want these Manolo Blahnik booties. The color combination is amazing. Buttery leather and that heel shape… geez! I really need to get on the ball and try and track these down. They’re very equestrian (almost jockey-influenced) but so urban too.

And, last but not least, my favorites – the two toned Chanel Carousel mary janes. And, oh yes, I got them. They’re awaiting their debut and I am just ga-ga over them. They’re luscious.

These are the kinds of shoes that totally speak to me. And they’re the perfect investment-type shoes. The shapes are simple but the style is amazing. And sure to be noticed whenever you wear them… now or 10 years from now.