Zipped in

As we start pulling out jackets and sweaters for cooler weather, biker-style embellishments like studs and zippers pop-up on all kinds of accessories. While I don’t think I have what it takes to pull off the biker look, I do like how some of the designers have integrated this “tough” element into atypical and elegant designs.

Jimmy Choo’s Cole Metallic Leather peep-toe ($695 online at Jimmy Choo) is quite striking. But I’d probably forget the zipper was there and shred my tights or skirt or something. Choo also did a closed toe heel and a really cool double-zipper flat boot for Fall.

These comfy ballet Romp flats from Michael Kors come in a bunch of great colors for Fall. I’ve seen black, brown, dark green, burnt orange (my favorite) and this chino. The suede looks ultra soft so I doubt these flats will hurt the back of your heels like some ballet styles can. Oh, their about $180.

I know I’ve talked about these before but I still think the use of the zipper as a design element was done in a really fun way. These are actually the Louboutins (at $910) but, as I said, the Steve Maddens are i-den-ti-cal. You decide which you prefer.

I know there are tons of bags that feature zippers in the design, but I thought this clutch from Nine West was really cute. Nothing crazy, just a fun little bag for the weekends and about $40.

And my favorite use of a zipper are these Marc Jacob pumps. The rose is actually made of a zipper. This comes in red too. I do wish that it had been done on a high heel round toe pump. The style of these are a bit to matronly, if you as me, which contrasts in a negative way to the edgier materials. They’re about $390 at Neiman Marcus.

I haven’t seen zippers integrated into designs from the more moderate lines. I think the material may be harder to work with. But I’ll keep an eye out.

Drive Time

If you value/appreciate/revere your shoes like I do, it is small but wise investment to prepare for possible negative contingencies. Maybe it’s the former Girl Scout in me, but I hate when I get stuck in a situation without a back-up plan.

I keep several umbrellas in my car and my office and I have “rain shoes” in case I’m wearing shoes that can’t or shouldn’t get wet. Rain, ugh a huge bane of my life. The other danger zone for my shoes is in my own car. Between debris in the mats or the dirt on the pedals, my heels can get messed up in my car just as easy as outside. Another issue is that in some of the killer stilettos, it can be hard to shift. I also hate when my shoes fall off the seat onto the floor, causing just as much damage as if I had left them on.

So I came up with brilliant but easy solution of having bin just for my shoes that I keep on my passenger floor. I don’t drive many people around so I have the room. Something small (and pink) like the one below is perfect because I can throw it in the backseat or the trunk if I need. It’s also the perfect size to keep a pair of driving mocs (in a box) and the shoes I’m not wearing.

I love a driving moc, not just for its intended purpose, but in general. I keep these Isaac Mizrahi mocs in the car so I can easily slip them on. And I don’t care if they get dirty or smudged because they were only $30. Plus, they are safer than wearing flip flops in the car. When you have a stick shift car, it is important that you are able to push in the clutch, switch gears and that your feet don’t slip off the pedals.

But I think they are so cute I have another pair just like them for actual wearing around!

Shoe Anguish

I have a good friend that is getting married in November and she has asked me to be in the wedding party. I have never been a bridesmaid, so I am kind of apprehensive about it. Mostly because I am not sure how I feel about being “on display” in an outfit not of my choosing.

Well, to be honest, to some degree it was of my choosing. We were told that we could pick any dress at David’s Bridal in the Truffle color. It’s not a bad color really, it’s just not a color I would choose to wear given my coloring. The brown is sort of a reddish-brown and my hair is a bright-ish auburn red and I have a lot of pink/red tones to my skin. I think I may clash.

Plus the styles available in this color are not great for me either. I have never really worn/liked strapless or sleeveless clothes but those are your main options. The wedding is in November, but is is in Florida, so I don’t think I will be freezing. I guess I can’t use that as an excuse. Anyway, after debating between a few of the options, I ended up with this style. I was originally going to get a shorter style but got this, which I will need to get hemmed. Which brings up the question of what shoes to wear. Because you have to know when you go in to get the hemming done.

We have been requested to wear some form of a metallic shoe with the dress. In spite of my vast collection of shoes, I am having a challenge with this because a) I don’t really wear this color a lot, and b) I’m not sure of what colors would actually look good with this.

I immediately ruled silver out. I don’t think that would look good at all. So then I went to gold. I have a pair of gold Manolo heels some what similar to this pair. In person they are a very bright gold like 24K. I fear they will be much too gold to go well with the dress.

So I am actually thinking of going with a champagne color, maybe in satin like the Kenneth Cole ones below, to get some of the shine. I think it would be less of a clash of colors. And I actually don’t think I have anything in champagne. I may have one pair, but they are glittery and may be too much of a competition with the dress and/or too casual. Not that I don’t want to distract people away from me in the dress. Hmmm….

What I would actually like to wear is something bright and jewel toned like grass green or a bright teal or, like this, bright rose.

I love the feather poof on these Kate Spade heels.

And I’m totally smitten with these satin Rose ankle-strap heels from JCrew.

I can have the dress hemmed right to the floor so they’ll be kind of hidden which makes them perfect, right? Or is the wedding just an excuse to buy them.

Decisions, decisions!

I am so in love

I am so in love with these Guiseppe Zanotti flats. I rarely fall in love with a pair of flats. But these… gorgeous!

Look at them – the black suede, the red croc insert and the shiny shiny silver hardware. Kewl!

They have an amazing luxe look that is elegant yet graphic and modern at the same time.

They are so choice. If you have the means, I do recommend you pick some up.

; )

Tires or Shoes?

Just like the Wendy’s (or was it McDonald’s?) commercial, I tend to price value everything in terms of Shoe-increments.

I begrudge spending money on my car the most. I don’t know why. I like my car a lot. I depend on my car and I know I couldn’t go to work to earn money to buy shoes without my car. But car maintenance is such an un-fun purchase! Whah!

Anyway, today I got a flat tire. I really needed to buy tires because I think mine were nearly bald (shhhhhh!!!! don’t tell on me!) so this just happened to make me go and get it done. But I was just so sad. I had to spend over $300 on 4 of these –

Instead of a pair of these!

And now these gorgeous, decadent Lacroix (Lacroix, dah-ling, Lacroix!) sling-backs are all GONE!

They’re nauseous. I’m nauseated.

I just received my Victoria’s Secret Shoe & Accessories Fall 2007 catalog and I have to say I am shocked, appalled and sickened.

When did VS descend into a horrible swirling miasma of bad taste and whorish-ness?

I used to like Victoria’s Secret. They used to put out CDs of classical music and had cute night clothes. They had pretty suits and shoes that had a “designer” look but at a price I could afford. Now it’s over-priced and tacky as sin. I mean, they make Fredericks look classy. I know they don’t make these shoes, but they picked them, forced a gorgeous girl to wear them and pretend she feels sexy in them, and then tried to brainwash us into thinking we would look hot in them too. That is just wrong.

Grab your Tums or PeptoBismol, it’s going to be rough:

Naughty Monkey Embellished boot – $149

Is it just me or do these look like an insane mix of spats and gaucho boots. They are designed to cut you off perfectly at the worst part of your leg.

Bronx over the knee scrunch boots – $285! $285!!!! WTF?!?

If you get this catalog, they model is wearing them on the back cover. These boots look like a dirty oil rag crossed with a shower cap. The elastic at the top is wretched.

Block heel boots – $139

These are the stumpiest, clumpy shoes I have seen. They look as if they had to force them on you and then strap them to your feet so you can’t take them off like you get strapped down for electro-shock therapy. The turned up toe shape looks are some form of deranged gnome shoes.

Mid-calf buckle platform boot – $99

I’m choosing to ignore the tacky “metal” platform on these boots. I don’t even think my toes will turn up at that angle. How can you even walk that way?

Hale Bob Braided Sandal – $129 (on sale for $99)

Who is Hale Bob and why is he trying to make us wear some sort of pinata on our feet? I don’t think even Charo would have worn these. Okay, maybe she would have but I’m not Charo… are you?

JLo Lace Up Booties – $115

Is JLo so insecure that she needs to drag us down by getting us to wear these hideous creations or is this something she actually thinks looks good and her bad taste is disguised by a very smart stylist. Why can’t we get her stylist to design/approve something instead?

Rebel High-heeled sneaker – $49

Sneakers with heels are wrong. I don’t care if you look like Posh Spice or if the Spice girls are coming back. No excuses!

Sam Edelman Strapped Booties – $170

These were not good looking even in the original Balenciaga version. Even the petite Miss Olsen can’t make this look good. I’m sure plastic and fake suede will not improve the design of this shoe.

Sam Edelman Gladiator Platform Wedge – $109

Sam Edelman should be shot!

Sam Edelman Over the knee sweater boot – $220

I’m serious…shot! These go over the knee, have KNEE PADS (hmmm… why would we need those???) and are sweater-y at the top.

Victoria’s Secret buyers – what the hell are you thinking?