Sweet Dreams from Sugar Bean Bakery

I have been sooo busy in the last few weeks. From traveling for work, to just working, I feel like I’ve been out of action.

 But I had to add one more thing to my plate. It was a ton of work, but also a ton of fun.

 I decided to do a Sugar Bean Bakery booth at a local art show on Saturday.  I spent a good 12+ hours baking and packaging and a few days before that planning my decor.  When Saturday came around, I was glad it wasn’t raining!  I pulled out my favorite cake stands and set up my goodies.

All proceeds are going to a local farm animal refuge that is in development and, since we totally sold out, I will be getting to give them $360!

I really really loved my booth (as you can tell from the tons of pictures with more going on Flicker), making delicious vegan goodies and can’t wait to do it again in the fall!

Le Sigh – Louboutin Picks & Co Potpourri Spiked Toe & Lace Pump

We all know that Christian Louboutin makes the best spikes. But they’ve been much more sexy than sweet.

But can spikes be sweet and classy.  Louboutin says yes they can with their Picks & Co. Potpourri Spike and Lace pumps ($1495).  I adore them.

Champagne lace, crystals and subtle studs. You have to love a shoe that combines “lady-who-lunches” with “a-lady-who’ll-eat-you-for-lunch” 


A Deeper Meaning

When I was growing up in Miami and in my freshman year in high school, there was a brief trend with wearing enameled pendents of nautical flags.

If you aren’t familiar with boating, the colorful flags sported on many boats and ships each represent a letter, number and, additionally a word and a larger meaning.

I remember at the time being less than thrilled with my initial’s flag – “C”.  I thought it was too boring.

I’m not sure what happened to my necklace but for some reason, I totally want one again.  I’ve been researching all kinds of initial pendents and this popped into my mind again.  I found these at Style Newport and they come in gold and silver and in two sizes.

I’d love to get one to represent each member of my family but I think wearing 14 charms (one for me, my husband and each of the pets) would be a bit weighty.  Maybe I should go with a bracelet instead of a necklace.

What I think would be kind of funny, and a great inside joke, would be to wear a pendent that is communicating the deeper meaning associated with the flag.    Personally I think wearing the J flag would be hilarious.  J equals “Juliet” which also equals “I am on fire and have dangerous cargo”.  Or maybe I should wear K for “I want to communicate with you”.

How great of a pick-up opportunity would these be to wear in a bar, especially were the boating-types go.  Secret signals and all that.

What message would you wear?

Patience is a Virtue… Sort of

More than a month ago, I expressed my love and desire for the Hold Court Quinn bag and the Delavan Terrace Linden basket bag.  But I decided to be good and not get them…. or at least hold out until the next sale.

Well, thank you Kate Spade because the Friends and Family event this weekend enabled me to get both for 25% off!  Sweet!

And ever since I saw this picture, I’ve been pining for the JCrew frog clasp bracelet in blue and
 green.   But every time it come up, it gets sold out immediately.

Well this time I jumped on it!

It’s on back order for months, but I hope it will still show up!

For immediate gratification, I got their cute apple print skirt.  It’s such a fun print and breezy.  Perfect for the upcoming summer months!

Faerie Feet

Hello Strangers!

 Sorry I’ve been away so long. I’ve been (and still am) traveling around for work which requires me to sit in dark rooms for 9 hours a day. I’m in these great cities but I see them from the window or walking back to my hotel late at night ready to collapse into bed.

So instead of spending time in the spring weather in San Francisco and Seattle, I’m just longingly staring at the sun from the cracks of the backroom blinds. I would love to be out in a dress and these beautiful Louboutin Everesta Toile wedges.  The black and white print is whimsical and delicate.  A great pairing with the sturdier wedge.

My favorite part of the print… this little faerie!  How wonderfully whimsical for spring and summer!

The Christian Louboutin Everesta Toile wedge espadrille – $625.


Sorry I’ve been missing in action, everyone. Work has been busy. Now I’m on a number of trips for work (4 trips, 2 weeks, unknown number of plane rides) and so I was spending time outside before and between having to spend a lot of time inside. But I’ll try to keep up with this and work! I will be on FB and Instagram though!!!

 – Poochie

GoodBye Folk Custom Shoes

I love making a new discovery on Etsy.  It’s like stumbling upon a neat little shop on a quaint cobblestone street in a new town.

Unique. Wondrous. New.  The opposite of the mega-chain store where everyone in the country can buy all the same thing at the same time.

Today I found a little shop – GoodBye Folk – that makes custom shoes out of Mexico City.

And how fun are they?!?!  Here are a few of my favorites….

I especially love the modern spin on the two-tone lace-ups in beautiful cream and aubergine.

Prices are reasonable for custom work – $200-$300 dollars.  They’re already in my favorites, I can’t wait to get a pair in my closet!