On a Theme

I’ve always been more about the matching than the mixing.  It just doesn’t come naturally to me to mix patters even though I’m trying to learn.  Luckily I’ve advanced far from my younger days of overly matched accessories.   So when I see “themed” shoes I know better than to over do it.

To tell you how bad it was, in high school I had a hot pink shirt with black polka dots.  I also had heart shaped earrings that were also hot pink with black polka dots. Umm hmm…. I probably would have worn these Kirkwood shoes with an equally rose-bedecked outfit (from Browns £475.00).

But that’s not the worst of it.  One of my most notorious (and shamefully recalled) outfits was where I wore a white button down shirt with fruit painted on it, over a hot pink tank top and bright bright yellow pants.  This was accessorized with a bangle in the same colors and plastic fruit dangly earrings. It was the 80s but dear lord!  No wonder I didn’t date much.  If these Charlotte Olympia heels were around (and not $1696.20!!!) I would probably have worn them at the time too.  Seriously, I had a problem.

Of course I don’t think I would have gone this far.  Even I, who still loves a good theme-y shoe (aka my Ashley Dearborns) thinks the zebra mane is too much. (JC de Castelbajac $677.50)

I think the theme here is “No”. 

Disclosure – I kind of want those Charlotte Olympia fruit heels.  Old habits die hard.

Angel Wings

I’ve always been a bit smitten of the Adidas x Jeremy Scott winged sneakers but they felt a bit too hip hop for me.  I think they look great with skinny jeans but just aren’t my style.

But now the pairing has come up with adorable winged flats and these are perfect.  How can you not like the combo of wings, polka dots and pops of color.

Of course I like the original white version the best.  I can get up to mischief while looking angelic.

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Angel Wing Flats at Luisa Via Roma – $182.40

Taking a Shine

So this past week was kind of ridiculous.  Between a new business pitch keeping me at work until 8pm, the typical taking care of our gazillion animals, a new obsession and my car basically dying as I was trying to deliver the new business pitch materials causing me to freak out and have to expend tons of money, I’ve had a crummy week.

But this weekend has been quiet and rainy, which I am very grateful for. I at least got the opportunity to paint my nails.  My nails are generally craptastic so I’ve been trying to take care of them and they are actually improving to a point where I like trying new polishes on them.

This week I’m using Essies Pop Art Pink with Orly’s VIP pink glitter tips.

I’m horrible at doing french manicures but the unstructred glitter was forgiving. What I want to do next (and need to get some matte polishes for) is like this:

I love the matte with the shiny tip.  I think I’m going to get some matte and shiny black right now.  I also want to do shiny red with matte red tips.  Very tonal. I’ll probably need to get this done at a salon. I can just imagine how horrible this would turn out if I did this myself!

Red Pants are the Rage

Red pants are all the rage for Summer. And I’m smitten.  Even though I don’t like wearing pants generally, I’m looking around for a cropped pair for me. 

I saw this pair of peg-leg pants from TopShop for $75.  Good color but I’m not sure of the peg-leg style.

I like this cropped pair from Zara ($60) but they don’t have a store in NC and they don’t ship.  Booo to them!

These Moshinos are my back-up pair.  If the ones I’m getting fall through, I’m coming back to these. They look like they would be the perfect style for me but are pricey so they don’t get to be option 1. $128 at YOOX.

The watermelon slim leg cropped chinos from Lands’ End Canvas are the ones I’m getting.  They’re only $39 so I’m going to try them in 3 colors – khaki and white plus the watermelon sorbet.  The first order I placed got screwed up somehow and shipped back so I’m trying again.  They better not mess this up twice!

I hope they fit because I can’t wait to wear bright pants with my stripe-y tops!

What in the World?

I was clicking through my favorite store site, Bergdorfs, and came upon this Akris outfit. But it wasn’t the unusal jacket/skirt/pants combo that stopped me.  It was the crazy shoes.

Don’t these look terribly akward and uncomfortable with their forced downward slope?

I just can’t fathom them.  Why?????

Back to Brogues

Thanks to some of my lovely readers, I’ve been actually able to track down my dream white oxfords.

But now I face another dilemma… do I get them?

I can get these very shoes but they are 496GPB (approx $740) with the commando soles.  I could get them with flat soles for 305GPB (approx $450).  Pricey.  Which I knew they would be. 

So should I be more frugal? I did order the Steve Madden Milites but they ran very very small. So I sent them back. I could order up and have a frugal option.

Today I got an email about these Robert Clergerie trompe l’oeil Jili wingtips which are interesting but still not cheap at $495 at Barneys.

My newest, and least expensive, option are these Markey oxfords from ASOS.  They’re only $63 have a good look but a dark sole.

So, more options.  What do you think?


Here’s another witty option.  Not really a serious contender but unusual… What-A-Cut-Up Brogues from Anthropologie – $238

Sick again

Our office has become a plague zone. Right now we have more than half our staff out, including me. I’ll get back to here soon. I hope.


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