Favorite Combinations

What is this you ask?

Nothing more than a combination of Christian Louboutin branded Champagne!

According to TheDieline.com

Famed shoe maker Christian Louboutin has launched their own champagne in partnership with champagne maker Piper Heidsieck. To commemorate this, they have released a limited edition gift box containing a bottle of champagne and a glass shoe designed by Christian Louboutin. It will be exclusively available through Colette starting October 26th.

I love:

– Louboutins
– Champagne
– Colette

So this is as amazing as the partnership with Ladurée! Now… how can work it so I can get all of these things???

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Not only is what we are now calling “Gargoyle Toe” becoming rampant on the streets (as evidenced almost daily on Jak & Jil) but more and more on the runways as well.

I understand that there are a lot of last minute changes in what models are wearing what but with the ever-increasing importance and focus on the accessories showcased as they walk down the runway, I find it hard to believe that this is not distracting.

Then there are those designers who understand the importance of the fit and the shoes to the collection. The Prada and Miu Miu shows are my favorites because they pay attention to and even celebrate these details.

But sadly, I have to say I was not a fan of the latest Prada shoes presented. After being enthralled for the past few seasons I was more disturbed by the shoes and what was done to the model’s toenails.

At first I thought there was just some issues with several of the model’s nails but then I saw they were clear overlays and intentional!

Perhaps I not getting it but I’ve never liked the overly long nail look on hands or feet. I don’t even think a French Pedicure look is good because it is meant to imitate longer nails. So this I just don’t get.

While I understand this is part of the fantasy and style of the show, do you feel it enhances the design and overall collection?

Images via Vogue and Style.com

What coordinates with Puppy?

Sorry for the downtime, folks, but we’ve been distracted the last few days with a new addition to the family.

Meet Miss Oona!

We working on getting her used to the leash and housebreaking training. It’s going well but it’s a big transition.

As soon as I can catch my breath we’ll get back to work!


Featured Shoe: Louboutin Bella Brown

I was surprised when I was doing my outfit post the other day that the shoes I referenced were not anywhere to be found on Polyvore or the web.

They’re so cute, I can’t imagine why they are so “secret”!

I got these “Bella Brown” Louboutins in May after falling in love with their color, snub toes and pink ribbons. They’re like less costume-y ballerina shoes.

One of my favorite details is how ribbon wraps up the back of the heel too.

Now I will be the #1 search for Bella Brown Louboutins on the web. I got these in person at Saks but haven’t seen them for sale anywhere else.

It’s quite a mystery….

Conversation with Myself or How to Pick an Outfit

I wonder if I’m the only one who has these types of conversations with themselves.

I always vow to pre-plan my outfit the night before but invariably I don’t. I really should because for a simple outfit like the one below, I have a crazy discussion with myself while I’m brushing my teeth 2 minutes before I’m supposed to leave the house.


It goes something like this:

“Damn, I’m tired”

“I’m feeling kind of grey today”

“Well, yeah, it is grey out… and rainy.”

“Okay, let’s use grey eyeshadow.”

“Crap, what the heck am I going to wear today”

Ooohh look! That silver ring from 12 years ago. Let’s wear that on a necklace with the charm from a purse I don’t have any more.”

“I want to wear my pink ribbon suede Louboutins.”

“In the rain? Are you crazy?”

“Yes. What can I wear that will go with the pink?”

“I can’t believe I don’t have more pink clothes! WTF?”

“It’s too cold to wear the big poofy pink skirt.”

“I do have this other pink thing.. a tee-shirt. But I actually have to go to work and not look like a slob.”

“Okay, wear the shiny silver skirt with it. And and then jean jacket to tone it down and keep from freezing.”

“Fine. No time to actually look at myself. Late!”

This all takes place in about a minute and a half. Luckily it is not out loud.

Lela Rose for Payless – Spring 2010

As we’ve seen, the designer & mass merchandiser collaborations have been kind of sucking lately. Which is really disappointing because there is great opportunity to do cute design at a mass-retail level.

And we know it’s doable. The Mizrahi collection did it well for a number of years at Target. Heck, Merona and Mossimo have done well there for ages too. I’ve bought tons of clothes and shoes from there.

But it’s really changed lately. Either they’ve had to cut back on design & quality due to economic conditions or they really don’t think we’ll notice.

Well, people are noticing. I’m sure that’s why they’ve changed the whole Go International program. Of course, it becomes a vicious cycle – we don’t buy it, they cheapen it up to cut costs, so we don’t buy it, etc.

Luckily there is one collaboration that seems to at least be making an effort and that I still think is doing a good job – Lela Rose for Payless.

I often get the snob label placed on me, especially when it comes to shoes. That I only like or buy expensive stuff. And frankly, that’s not true at all. I totally judge each shoe individually. If I like (or don’t like) the looks of a shoe, I don’t care who makes it. And I have to say, most of the time, I’m a fan of this line.

And the Spring 2010 collection seems like it will have several pieces that I will want to get. My favorite is this style called Bently in a really pretty citrine fabric and twist bow.

The other colors are really pretty too… fuchsia, stone, taupe…

I really hope they keep the height they were shown in. Payless does tend to “tone down” the designs between runway and store and I really wish they wouldn’t.

I also really like the casual and sort of preppy wedge sandal Ashland which comes in cute combos like the black and white gingham with green accents, the cross-hatched circles with taupe and the modern geometric pattern with black.

The Zephyr cross-strap sandal is cute too, especially the delicate ankle straps.

I like the citrine pattern again but also the solids in the fuchsia and navy.

There are a few other styles that are cute too, including a multi-strap wedge and a elegant heeled sandal, so check them out here.

I’m really looking forward to trying them on. The styles will be available in February per the site.

Simply Fierce

I love color and wear everything from bright blue to lavender to bright pink all the time but I also have a great love for wearing all black. It just lets the graphic nature of certain pieces stand out in a way they just would not when mixed with more colorful options.

Yesterday, with my Aldo shoes and and black lace stockings was an all black day and I did it again today. It’s funny how some of the best outfits just sort of happen on their own. All I was thinking about was wearing my new Camilla Skovgaard Chastity heels, that had just arrived, and something comfortable and warm because the weather here was rainy and nasty.

I pulled out a this black jersey dress from Target that I love so much I have 2 of and my Forever21 sequin hoodie. Black sequins!


For some reason, these pieces must have worked really well together because I was getting compliments left and right. Maybe it was the all black, the shiny sequins and the cut of the neckline all together.

Guess I’ll be wearing that combo again.

Of course the totally fierce (Yeah, I said it. Probably one of the very rare times you’ll hear me use the word) heels helped too.

These shoes are amazing. Unusual. Edgy. Comfortable and well made. Why have I not bought this brand before?!?

Picture overload, I know!

So I’m a total Camilla fan now and know whose shoes I will be targeting to add more of to my closet!

If you like these, I got them at Saks, but I’ve also see them at Shopbop too.

Anna Sui & Gossip Girl for Target

On Sunday I went to Target to see if any of the Anna Sui Gossip Girl” were in stock at my local place. I had looked at everything that was online but the creme lace dress wasn’t in stock anymore so I thought I would give it a shot. I had put a bunch of the dresses in my shopping cart but thought it would be best to check them out in person if they wred there.

Well, there were a number of pieces in my local store… not that you would know it. There wasn’t much in the way of signage. I flipped through the 3 racks of dresses and shirts and frankly, wasn’t all that impressed.

Check it out.

I really don’t “get” some of the pieces. And a lot of it seemed very poorly/cheaply made. I know we are at Target here folks, but compared to some of the earlier Go International pieces, the quality is down and the prices are way up.

But I thought I would give it a shot. I tried on the silk wrap dress, the houndstooth jacquard dress, the metallic grey “feather” sequin dress, and the herringbone dress.

The feather sequin dress fit really weird. The bottom belled out but was a bit tight up top. The sequins were very uncomfortable and the v-neck was very low cut.

The herringbone dress was okay but a bit stiff and not that flattering to me.

The silk dress was flattering and the pattern and fabric were okay. But I didn’t really think it was worth $60 and as it was very lightweight, being silk, I didn’t think I would wear it much during the Fall and Winter, which is what I am lookin for.

I did like the houndstooth jacquard dress the best. It’s much more purple than it shows in the picture online. It also seems to be the best made. I considered it but at $70, I’m going to wait a while and see if I can get this on sale later. I just didn’t want spend the money right now.

Overall the line did not impress me. I didn’t like the shirts at all, especially the tulle tied one or the stupid acronym one. WTF was that about?

The most interesting thing are the billboard totes. I think I may end up getting one of these. They’re cool and graphic and colorful.

I continue to be disappointed with these collaborations. These are great designers that should really be bringing a unique element and a high quality to a mass merchandiser but in the end they are horrible.
Is it Target doing it or is it the designers dumbing things down so much thinking that the mass retail audience won’t appreciate their real work. I don’t know. All I do know is that I won’t really be buying any.

Huge Thanks to HauteLook

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to to HauteLook and especially Amelia for hosting the bloggers lounge at Bryant Park Hotel during Fashion Week.

Not only does HauteLook carry amazing designer pieces for great prices, but they are also incredibly gracious people as well. I got to meet several members of their team when I went there and it was a real pleasure.

This place was a godsend. They had computers set up all over, food, drinks, vendors and, most importantly bathrooms and electricity!

I’m sometimes bad about eating when I travel it is was great to have a bit of fruit to keep myself from passing out.

I totally set up camp for a while because I had stupidly forgotten to charge my computer and it was dead dead dead!

They also had some other companies in like Susan from LushOasis perfumes. They were delicious.

And GoSmile had a table there too. I’d always wanted to try the treatment out and now I got too. Plus she plied us with samples of their other mouth-freshening flavors too. I am well stocked and will probably buy more.

And to all the lovely bloggers I met there too, I’m so glad we met. I hope you will say hello again on Twitter so I can link up with everyone!

Again HauteLook…. THANK YOU!