The First Rule Is…

Even though we have cable for a few more days, I detest award shows.  I usually catch up with video clips and red carpet photos that night or the next day. But with folks live Tweeting all throughout, it’s hard to keep away.

And after this Golden Globes appearance by Helena Bonham Carter, I was excited to see what her Oscars dress would be like.

And, to quote a commentor, how can you not love this crazy slag (Read this “Hot Slut of the Day” post).  She’s the best.
But while I love so many of her characters, I have to say  that Marla Singer from Fight Club is dearest to my heart.

I mean, how can you not love a woman that says “You’re not getting this back. I consider it asshole tax.” or has it said about her “She’s a predator posing as a house pet.”

I need to find a way to wear her sexy, trashy, girl/woman wardrobe. If I could, I’d cut my hair and mess with men’s minds. At least I can try to look like her…

By they way, I love this post on what Fight Club is really all about… Marla, of course.

Spring Kicks

Although you may not think so, I’m kind of a fan of Payless.  They’re doing well (pretty well) with their designer collaborations and have some cute shoes.  If you’re looking for some fun flats for spring and summer, these are cute and affordable options.

I really think these Lela Rose Carolina black flats ($35) are interesting. They’re not totally peep-toe so they’d still work in the office but aren’t plain jane.

Also by Lela Rose are these Miraflores flats ($35) that are really neat with their mixed materials. I especially like the knot detail on the toe and they’d be great to ground a sundress or with a denim skirt/shorts.

I adore gingham, especially in the summer. It just says sunny skies to me.  These American Eagle Audrey knot ballet flats are so sweet ($17, in multiple fabrics).

I love that Isabel Toledo is back.  I’ve been wearing my oxfords and flats all winter and I think these urban Mesh flats ($35) would be great walking around or biking around the city shoes.

And the Champion Gem skimmers ($28) just say “yoga shoe”, which to me equals comfort.  They come in black as well and the toe band is adjustable. I like to wear shoes like these to walk around our favorite near-by destination, the mountain town of Asheville, because they are soft and light on my feet.  Perfect for shopping on a relaxing weekend.

I still love my heels, I promise, but with all the cute flats out now, it’s hard not to get get my eye redirected.

Blinded by the White

Again, a photo of shoes has ignited a shoe search.  I now need and will not be complete without a pair of white wingtip oxfords.

I saw this image and was instantly smitten.  I love the classic oxford detailing paired with the chunkier sole.  I’m trying to be frugal so I don’t want to pay a fortune for them, ideally. If I could find these exact ones, I might cave to a higher price tag but for a stand-in I’m looking at $100 or less.

Except I have no idea who makes them or if they are for men or women.  I’d never fit into a men’s size but trust me, I searched. Every site I could think of and even a Google image search.  Heck, I searched the kids’ departments too. I didn’t find the pair above, but I did come up with a few options.

1. Crown Vintage Jazzy Oxford flat at – $39.95

They’re not bad but they don’t look bright white and they do seem more jazz shoe than oxford.

2. Comme des Garcons oxfords on – $365

Oh, I love these.  They’re not wingtip but their simplicity is stunning. The shape is perfect.  If these came in gold they would be my dream oxford.  But the price tag is putting me off for the white pair I’m settling for.

These are great as well.  What I love is the whimsical nature of the wingtip design.  Instead of the traditional pattern, the perforations are in fleur-de-lys/butterfly/floral scroll. So charming.  The toe is a bit more pointed than I want and they are also a bit more than I want to spend… but I’m tempted.

4. Steve Madden Miltie on – $69.95

These are pretty cute and very close to my inspiration shoe.  They don’t have the cool sole but they do have the fun kiltie detail and the price is well in range.  
Lots of options, with some compromises. Which ones would you get?

Matching Philosophies

This post is entirely too image-heavy but I can’t help it.  I’m totally smitten with basically every look that came out of the Philosophy show

I too am a bit surprised that this is a Fall show but I’d buy this and save it for the following Spring. I’m, admittedly, not the best at mixing patters or layering.  I’m more the matchey-matchey type and this tonal look from coats to dresses to tights down to adorable wingtip and multi-strap mary janes is right up my alley. I better start saving now because I really think I need every piece.  And with shoes in this many gorgeous, coordinated shades, I can’t skimp in that department either.

But let’s just get on with the pretty pictures, shall we…

All I can say is, Le Sigh!

Consolation Prize

While I like going to Fashion Week, seeing the shows and experiencing the excitement of all the creativity in one place, it’s very challenging for me as well. 

Even though fur usage declined, it is now back on the rise.  For some reason, people really think that fur is a good thing, although I’ll never understand why?  All I see is vicious cruelty.  And I’ve been following along as many of the fashion pubs, brands and blogs jump onto Tumblr.  The bombardment of fur visuals from this week is hella depressing.

These images just make me sick.  Skinning an animal after keeping it in horrid conditions and then electrocuting it to death?  60 minks, 10-20 foxes or beavers, 30-50 raccoons, 6-10 seals, 110 squirrels or 130-200 chinchillas have to die for one fur coat! That’s fashion!

I mean how can you look at this:

And not see that it was once this?  Yet so much lovelier and more wondrous:

I’m serious.  If you think wearing animal fur is okay, I don’t want to know you. 

To cleanse my mind I had to go look for some cute shoes that are totally vegan and don’t make me depressed as hell.

So, since I’m on a flats kick here are some sweet ballet flats from Beyond Skin and come in oodles of colors and are on sale!

I also popped by Cri de Coer because I’m loving cap-toe flats (in fact I’m wearing a cute faux patent tan and black pair from Gap right now).  Cri de Coer’s are pricier but they are also on sale right now.

You can learn more about the horrors of the fur industry if you dare
Fur is easy to avoid, so let your favorite designers know that they should ignore the bribes of the fur industry and keep their clothes cruelty free.

Super Selects

The reason I haven’t done a ton of Fashion Week comments or coverage is the same reason I’m not there in person doing comments and coverage… I’m swamped with work, stuff at home and I’m exhausted.

That said, I’ve made a bit of effort to look though the online images and have a very few favorites.  I’m also dodging all the fur that seems to be everywhere.  Gag!

So, like many people I’m sure, I loved Marc Jacobs’ show. How could I not with a mix of paillettes, polka-dots and little hats.

I think Marc should have hit up Mary from Pretty Good Things to make his mini berets. She has done them to amazing effect in the past.

And of all the shoes I’ve seen, these two-toned boots from Betsey Johnson are my favorites.  I’m not sure what happened to me, I’m more interested in flats than heels!

Any favorites for you out there?

Half-moon and Peep-toe

I’m still playing with polishes but I got a bit fancier – my first two-toned half-moon manicure.  It wasnt’ the best job but for a first effort it didn’t turn out horrible.

I used Essie’s St. Lucia Lilac with Essie’s Wicked over it.

Then I paird them with my Mark Jacobs Peep-toes.

That’s about all I accomplished this weekend.  How about you?