Sleek, Sassy and Schoolgirl for Fall

My Fall 2012 Inspiration/To Buy board is filling up rapidly.

It’s shaping up to be filled with witty embellishments, sassy patterns and fabrics, whimsical materials and a definite schoolgirl vibe.

I’ve already got the perfect loafer to pair with tights and skirts.
The YSL black and gold plated loafers are going to add that bit of edge to so many of my fall outfits.

Now… on to everything else on my list….

Picking Polka-Dots – Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama Collection

The fashion world is buzzing over the collaboration between Louis Vuitton & artist Yayoi Kusama.

And rightly so.

Yayoi’s use of organic shapes and rigid dots are infusing the often times staid LV pieces with a playful spirit.  I appreciate that LV has allowed it’s branding to take a bit of a backseat and is only represented with LV-initial brocade fabric and signature shapes.

It’s a great pairing because there is just the right amount of fission between the two.

I love nearly every piece in the extensive collection – which includes clothes, outerwear, collars, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses and handbags – there is one huge thing that jumps out at me the most.
This whole collection is a knock-off dream.
These pieces are simple and classic, differentiated only by the association with Yayoi and subtle LV materials.  

I fully anticipate seeing a HUGE number of look-a-likes come out in the next few months.  From bow adorned heels to dotty-fabric sandals.

I hope that will not be the case.  Yayoi is a remarkable artist who deserves to be respected for her career, not have her work, even that used in a collaboration, stolen for a quick profit.

Ensemble du Jour – 7-19-12

Yeah! I took an outfit shot.

 Boo! I had to over-expose the crap out if it so you can actually see it. I swear, my house is a cave.

This is a simple v-neck jersey dress from Target from a year or two ago.  It’s very flowy and comfortable and good for summer.  I love the length and the way it swirls around when I walk.  But the neckline goes a bit low for work.

So I just did a small mod with a vintage scarf.  Tied in a knot and worn necklace style around the neckline it breaks up the black and provides just enough coverage.

I was in a pink mood so I paired this with my BCBG Max Azria Caldrea mary janes.

This vintage scarf is a great size and the pattern is a fun asian garden motif.

And that’s my tip of the day!

Pre-Fall Passionate – with JCrew

Earlier in the year, I was excited to read that Manolo Blahnik was pairing with JCrew to do the shoes for Fall 2012.  Two of my favorite brands!

While that pairing has fallen by the wayside, the shoes arriving now for Pre-Fall, are working to fulfill against the pretty heels shown at their Fall presentation.  There are a number of polished pumps and interestingly patterned t-straps. I’d love to add a whole slew of them to my shopping cart!

And I’m still hopeful that many of the shoes I most coveted will actually be made because they are accessorizing the wonderful ensembles available for pre-order in the Lookbook.
Not only do a want the shoes, but I have to admit, I’m in serious swoon for almost everything featured.  
These are my favorites:

I love the tweed from head-to-toe look here –

The spectator tasseled heel above is great but I also love the loafer!

I’m ready to dive right in but am biding my time.  What do they have in store for the full Fall collection?!?

Historic Perspective

One of my favorite parts of visiting the Met Museum, is to look at the portraits as well as the examples of historical apparel. However, even the museum can’t keep everything out on display all the time and we can’t go to the museum every day, sadly.

Lucky for us they have shared their pieces on line, and subject matter expert Manolo the ShoeBlogger, has created a lovely Pinterest board dedicated to shoes from throughout history sourced from all over the web.

And it’s filled with surprising gems like these metallic thigh-hi can-can (or red light district???) boots from the turn of the century!

Make sure to view these historic gems and see if you can spot how the past is influencing the present.

Buying Basic Black

This may sound hard to believe but… I do not really have a single “basic black” pair of heels.

Understandably, you don’t believe me.  But it’s true!  Oh sure, I have a ton of black heels in various iterations  – peep-toe, sandals, slingbacks, platforms, t-straps, mary janes, flower heels, with giant roses, patent, cloth, etc. – but not a simple black pump.  No chunky sole. No embellishment. No corset lacing.

What I wanted were plain (not patent), pointy toe, black pumps.  Thin heel. Sexy. Simple.

But, as simple as you would think this would be, I was struggling.  The heels needed to be high but walkable, which in my size meant less than 4″.  I wanted shoes I could walk around the city if I wanted to but still had some height.  I wanted a silhouette that was both sexy and professional.  A delicate heel profile that spoke to me like the inspiration images above.

But 400+ pages on ShopStyle and I was not thrilling to many.

My ideal was the Christian Louboutin Helmut.  I think these are one of the sexiest shoes around.  But I have a pair in blue and they run big and are not easily available so they were out.  The Zara knock-offs were not available either. 

I narrowed it down, after looking high and low, to two options.

The Louboutin Pigalle was option 1. But I know how this heel is cut and on me it tends to cut low at an uncomfortable spot on the sides of my feet, plus it’s just an inch or so too high.  I’d never be able to wear these around. Although they are a darn pretty shoe.

The second option, and the one I ended up with, was the Blahnik BB heel.  The height is a bit shorter than my chartreuse pair.   And they are pretty close to perfect.  The topline isn’t too low.  The vamp is the perfect height.  The heel isn’t too high and is just thin enough.  Great profile and great from the front and back.

Considering I recently got black wedges with ankle straps, black and nude crystal sandal-y heels, black and nude Rockstud kitten heels, and black patent beribboned mary janes… these had better be perfection or I’m in big trouble!

Do you have a “perfect” black heel?