Color Study – Creams

When I started doing the Color Study for whites, I new I had a lot of neutral shoes to do as well and that they would be their own category, but as I was setting them all out there were quite a few pairs that didn’t seem to fit in either group. To dark for whites but not really nude or neutrals.

So thus the cremes! Or cream. Or off-white. Whatever you prefer.

Not as big a group, only 15 here, but with a few lovely players.

I did get to take some nice shots though…

Okay, Row 1 – left to right:
– Isaac Mizrahi for Target Hannah in tan
– Martinez Valero Adam in stone linen
– Kate Spade Joan in a zebra-y pattern
– Paco Gil Oyat
– Naughty Monky Vishti in gold beaded

Row 2 – left to right:

– Nine West Eriley
– Via Spiga Branny
– Nicole Brundage Sinamon
– Alexandra Neel Coconut
– Ralph Lauren slingbacks

Row 3 – left to right:

– Enzo Angiolini Eamaxino
– Marc Jacobs Fab Rose
– Jimmy Choo Voyage
– Via Spiga Portillo
– Nina Melia

I just love the details in the group…

All images enlarge and there are more on flickr and don’t forget to see Color Study – Pink and Color Study – White.

Featured Shoe: Christian Louboutin Very Prive Lace Peep-toe

Today’s featured shoe is quite possibly one of the prettiest I own. Let me introduce the Christian Louboutin Very Prive Platform Peep-toe in nude crepe and black lace.

Such a pretty shape – here they are waiting for the Color Study – Neutrals photoshoot.

And from the back they are just sex-ay!

With the red sole they are simply wicked…

It’s kind of hard to tell from the photos but they nude crepe fabric is an amazingly delicate pinkish nude that is almost shell-like.

I tend to think they have almost a boudoir feel to them.

I find Louboutins so funny. Almost every pair, even in the same shape, fits differently. These happen to fit but then they get a little loose in the heel in spite of being kind of narrow. Some fit great, some fit loose, some fit tight. Is there no consistency to the lasts they use?

Why such variance?

Eeeewwww!!!! to the infinite power

As I was looking through the BG site, I came upon these horror shows.

They are the Manolo Blahnik Cava Fur Trim boot.

It’s not bad enough that they are ugly and make you look like something out of 1 Million Years B.C. (and not in a good way like Raquel here).

No, the worst part is that the fur element, which is bad enough, is ocelot fur.

Ocelots are endangered species.*

Endangered because of loss of habitat and due to hunting them for their fur. Supposedly they are legally protected. I’m not sure how the Manolo Blahnik company was able to get fur for these boots.

I know I talk a lot about shoes on here most of which are made of leather. This is a transition I am personally working through.

But I put fur on another level altogether. And the fact that this fur comes from a threatened species just makes it all the worse.

I have written a letter to Manolo Blahnik via the contact form on their site addressing my displeasure and disgust at this practice. I also think I will be taking an additional step.

I will be boycotting Manolo Blahnik.

I hope I get some sort of response from the company. I’m not sure if I will or not. I suggested they recall the boots. Will they? I don’t know. I’d like to hope so.

I’ll let you know what they say.

If you want to write to them, the easiest way is to use the contact form on the site. Let’s see if we can reach them!

UPDATE: Ocelots are officially listed as “Near Threatened” with their population trend as “Decreasing” by the IUCN Red List. However, the use of this animal’s skin and fur could potentially still violate the Endangered Species Act and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. It is being looked at by a lawyer, so more info to come.

What’s in Davy Jones’ Locker?

I understand that designers are feeling the need to continue to push the boundries of their designs (and consumers), especially in these economic times. By creating more “extreme” or excessive pieces they can continue to justify their higher prices. Heck, I think I’ve seen prices go up more than down in the Premier Design categories.

But seriously? Over the knee boots? Is this a really a trend that consumers are clamoring for? I find this especially surprising give the fact that there were nine (!!!) different styles of over the knee boots for fall at Bergdorf’s alone.

Now I know I’m biased against these. Frankly, I know I am no where near tall enough to ever wear these. They would go up quite a bit higher than my knee. They just seem like such a bother too. I used to ride dressage and had jodphurs and knee-boots and those were a pain sometimes. I can’t imagine trying to get these on and off.

Bergdorfs is selling –

Ralph Lauren – $1250

Prada – $1400

Manolo Blahnik – $1795

Henry Beguelin – $1400

Christian Louboutin – $1995

Christian Louboutin – $1995

Chloe – $1295

Stella McCartney – $1595

I do admire the detail on these though…

Besides my very large concern about how I would actually stuff pants into some of these (or are you meant to wear them and just a long shirt ala Lindsey Lohan???) is that I would look like Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island.

No. No. No. No. No!

But maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe the inspiration came from one very dashing
Errol Flynn, whose birthday is today. Let’s just hope that is the case and that we can someday look as good in OTK boots as he does.

Forbidden Fruit

I am seriously in love with these shiny red and gold Dior Serpent heels.

And I really need them too, right?

OMG! Heel detail!

I know that red pumps with gold heels aren’t new. And actually I have a pair…

But the Dior ones are totally different and therefore justifiable, right?
1. They are round-toed while the Stuart Weitzman’s are pointy
2. They are Diors
3. They have a lot more detail
4. The heel is different
5. They aren’t in my closet
6. I love red shoes
7. They are new
8. They are available in my size
9. Their name is Serpent
10. They are fancy shmancy Diors
What do you think? Justifiable????
: )

Color Study – Whites

After doing the Color Study -Pinks, I thought I would go to an easy color… white. Now, I do love white shoes (I know a lot of people don’t) but how hard could it be?

Well, first I had to decide if I wanted to include creams and neutrals in the mix too. It quickly got too out of hand and color difference too great. So I focused on whites, off-whites and those shoes that were patterned but mainly white.

There were still 20! And a lot more flat shoes in this range. Is that because I’m from Florida where you can wear white more often? Hmmm…..

Not too many really fancy shoes in this color study either.

I went back to the pinks and added who made each brand so let’s add that in here too.

Row 1 – left to right:
– Keds Champion canvas
– Steve Madden Northh
– Muffy’s saddle shoes
– Kenneth Cole Oxfords (got these for $15 from DSW!)
– Isaac Mizrahi for Target Gail driving mocs

Row 2:
– Charles David Entice (I love white patent. And with tassles!)
– Hype Bliss slides
– Wild Diva floral platform peep-toes
– Sergio Rossi Pelle Mexico (these have an amazing heel)
– Jessica Simpson Like

Row 3:
– BP Fabulous satin polka-dot peep-toe
– Martinez Valero Adam high heel mules in white linen
– Stuart Weitzman Omega d’Orsays
– Wild Diva Balmorals with black velvet ribbon trim (I think these were LV knock-offs)
– Jimmy Choo Star pumps

Row 4:
– Stella McCartney Jupiter platform diamonte sandals
– Wet Seal strappy booties
– Mossimo Patty espadrilles
– Kenneth Cole City of Angels platform t-straps
– Oh, Deer! Pistachio pumps

Of all the white shoes, I think these Jimmy Choos are possibly the prettiest. Sadly they were a overly wishful eBay buy a long time ago, and as size 36s, they are too big for me. I can wear them with pants but otherwise they look silly. And I rarely wear pants.

It’s such a shame because I adore them and my favorite part about them is this little asymetrical cut and stitch detail. How neat is that?

I have much less of a Summer here, so I need to get these whites out and about asap!

The Last Unicorn

I know the title is a little cheesy but after all the effort going in to finding these, I couldn’t resist.

These Jeffrey Campbell Michelle peep-toe heels seem to be a popular as the Corso Como Dodies and, currently, just as hard to find.

I was a little late on the uptake and saw these on Marie’s site. Of course she is down with the flashy and fabulous!

After searching around (no luck) then finally pestering a Jeffrey Campbell employee (made them get on Twitter too!) I was able to score a pair from Vintage Fox Boutique. A few sizes are left if you want to get a pair. But keep in mind, these babies run about a 1/2 size small. I got a 6, which is the smallest size they made, and they were not overly loose on me.

I wore these with a dark dress denim pencil skirt and this fancy polo from Anthropologie. What i like about it is that the collar and placket are a creme silk and the ruffles sort of mimic the shoe ruffles.


They are very soft and comfortable and I like them alot… now, would it be greedy to try and track down a nude pair?

I couldn’t resist sharing this. When I was younger I read the strangest book called Summer of the Unicorn. It looks like kind of a bodice ripper but is more of a sci-fi/fantasy novel. I actually still have this….
Get one of the $.01 used ones and let me know what you think.

Bolt from the Blue

Sometimes you just don’t know where it comes from.

Who has ever had a craving that just pops into your mind, and in spite of your rational self saying you know you can’t have it at right now (like wanting a favorite food IMMEDIATELY), you still can’t help yourself.

I think it’s how obsessions are born.

While brushing my teeth this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that I HAD TO HAVE sky blue patent shoes.

Maybe because I have always loved the sky blue Miu Miu double strap mary janes. I have them in silver. I so should have bought them in blue too! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

What was I thinking not to get these???

So I put the call out and started a shoe search of my own.

These are the right color but they are pretty pointy. I think I want a more rounded toe. The price is right though.

These are interesting and I like the shape (no idea on price) but a bit too electric blue for what I want.

I kind of like these even though they are not sky blue or patent. Must not get distracted!

So no luck! What the heck? Is baby blue out this season? Bummer.

What I did find, to tide me over are these – the Melissa and Vivienne Westwood collaboration Lady Dragon heels.

Adorable, right???

They’re kind of hard to find and only start at a size 6, so I hope they fit okay.

These come in a few other colors although availability is limited. I got mine from Epaulet.

I actually need black flats much more than I need sky blue patent heels, but now I can’t get them out of my head.