Archiving the Future


Already sick of Summer and ready for it to be Fall.  I couldn’t even resist buying a cute cardigan, namely the Canine Cardi from Anthropologie’s Archival Collection.

How adorable is this cardigan?  It’s going to be so sweet with dresses but I plan on wearing it with pencil skirts, tights and chunky wingtip heels.

Sigh… when will the leaves change color and it be cool enough to wander outside in snuggly clothes again???

Hurry up, Autumn!

Ensemble du Jour – 7-9-13

My outfit yesterday was a mix of soft pink and snake print with added glitter and shimmer.  So subtle, huh?

I love this pale pink cardigan and it goes so well with the pencil skirt – both from JCrew.

The glasses are my pink Miu Miu sunglasses.  I love these so much I have them in red glitter too. 

The shoes are Jimmy Choo’s Sissy sandals from about, oh, 7 years or so ago.  They’re such a pretty shimmery taupe.

This outfit is pretty much my work “uniform” – simple top, pencil skirt in a fun pattern with a boost from shoes and accessories.  You can never have too many print pencil skirts, right?

Ensemble du Jour – Six Years!

I hope you had an awesome 4th of July weekend.  I took off Friday and was able to get a bunch of errands done, including finally dropping off the huge pile of clothes and shoes I had to go to the consignment store and Goodwill.

We also went to see a ton of movies  – 4 in total with one more tonight.  As we were in chilly theaters all weekend, I threw a cardigan of the ModCloth At The Dog Park dress I wore out.  I was going to pair this with the Bass x Rachel Antonoff black/clear Maebird oxfords and sheer/black polka-dot socks but when I looked in the mirror it was a bit ridiculous, so I had to quickly switch to my sequin ballet flats.

I’m also considering having this dress hemmed shorter.

Other than nap all weekend, watch movies and eat out,  we had ourselves a small tea party in the library.  Our chess table is the perfect size for a two person tea so we think this will be our new Sunday afternoon tradition.

I made Lavender Sables (a French butter cookie like shortbread), tomato-basil and cucumber sandwiches and we also had berries sprinkled with vanilla sugar. We’re like the Finer Things Club over here.

Oh yeah, and just one small thing… Shoe Daydreams turned SIX this weekend.  I know posting has slowed down some since those early days, but we’re keeping on.

Because there’s always more shoes to dream about!