Ready for Ready-To-Wear

My favorite shoe designer, Miss Henrietta “Hetty Rose” is bringing her custom-crafted bespoke shoes to a wider audience by launching her ready-to-wear line.

Hetty has made a name for herself by creating beautiful designs and pairing them with unique vintage kimono fabrics sourced from Japan and antique jewels and embellishments.

I have been lucky enough to purchase several of her pieces – the Ella mary jane, the Love platforms and the Amalie pump – all crafted with the most amazing fabrics ever.
And while Hetty is continuing to create and craft her bespoke lines, she has not created ready-to-wear shoes that have the same adorable style and gorgeous fabrics.   The line is made up of 5 of the top favorite styles and they are all still made using vintage kimono fabrics.  They are manufactured in a small family-run factory in London and will be available in UK sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7 with prices starting from £180.



Pre-ordering is starting now for deliveries in October/November so make sure to drop her an email to get the process going and reserve your pair today!

Ensemble du Jour – 9-20-10

This is pretty typical work outfit: Merona cardigan, black cami and black and white houndstooth skirt – all from Target. 

I have a ton of basic clothes from Target.  But since I’m not shopping there while they continue to support politicians who advocate against human rights, I’m going to have to branch out to other options… and cut back, which I need to do anyways.

The shoes are “Jessica” by Lilibee.  I’ve had these for a while and I like that they are a neat little spin on the typical black patent mary jane. Details like the stacked wood inset on the heel, the large shiny buckles and the fun oversized cord stitching.

My work outfits can vary quite a bit based on my mood (and what’s new in my closet) – from a tulle skirt to triple-laced-up knee-high boots, but this straight-forward look is almost a uniform… and helps be get out of the house when I’m running late.

Bubblegum Plastic: Review – Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick #22 Paris

I am not a huge make-up person.  I don’t wear a lot and I’m not good with experimentation or pushing the boundaries on color.  I just don’t have the face for it.  So I typically go for pretty colors and simple looks.  I love mascara and a good lipstick and gloss.  I have recently started trying out the L’oreal Studio Secrets primer, maybe dot on some Prescriptives custom base (which I’ve been using for 15+ years) and a dusting of translucent powder.

I don’t spend a lot on eyeshadow or powder, etc., but I do like to splurge a bit on lipstick.  And my favorite is Chanel.

As you can see, I have quite a few.  The big problem is that I tend to fall in love with a shade and then find out it was a seasonal limited color and have to try and find replacements. Then I hoard the little amount I have left, doling it out only on special occasions. 
The most recent color I fell for was the Chanel Rouge Coco #22 “Paris”.  
I saw this vibrant, almost fuchsia, pink on Sandra Bullock at the Oscars this year and had to track down that pink.

There was quite a run on the color but I eventually got my tube.. and it is bright!

The range comes in colors from browns to pinks to corals perfect for the looks seen in the Spring 2011 shows.  I may go and check out the brownish-pink “Mademoiselle” and just got the coraly-red #58 “Audace” (to be reviewed soon).
I find this color to be very intense going on out of the tube.  It’s soft and moisturizing but not overly creamy.  This color has a real shine to it.  It’s not shimmery at all. 
When I combine this with my bright red hair it’s kind of a contrast, so I like to blot it.  You still get quite a good pink but not so in your face.  I can stop there if I want to keep a matte look but I usually layer this with a darker toned lipstick or top with a slightly more coral gloss.


Blotted only

This time I topped the Paris with the Chanel Glossimer #197 “Gazelle”, which is a shimmery peach.

With “Gazelle” Glossimer

I luvvvv the Glossimers too! My favorite is #15 “Spark”.

 I find it challenging to buy make-up, especially lipstick.  The tube never gives you a real look at the color or the feel or the application.  They need to sell more mini-tubes like perfume samples so you could wear it a time or two before you commit.

I’ve received a few samples of products including toners, lotions and nail polish, as well as a few new make-up items I’ve bought.  I plan on doing more reviews so keep an eye out for the Bubblegum Plastic banner.

Fashion Week – Stacy Lomman: New York Precious Metals Collection Spring 2011

I think it’s only fitting that I finally start posting my Fashion Week coverage (I know! I know!) with Stacy Lomman’s show – the Precious Metals collection. 

Stacy bootstrapped her way to creating this collection by using Kickstarter.  Wendy Brandes has been keeping track of the full story but suffice it to say, Stacy had a great level of interest and support.  Not just from friends and family but from many bloggers as well.  And a whole group of us showed up to see the show and applaud her success.

The show was wonderful, professional and inspirational.  The models were great and the venue was perfect for getting a close look at the attention to detail Stacy put into each piece.  These are some of my favorite shots from the collection which was inspired by 1960s Paco Rabanne and 1940s glamour.  (Check out all the shots in my FW Set on Flickr)



Here’s Ms Wendy doing her blogging thing… probably trying to get a better snap of her Cleopatra earrings that were featured in the show.
Afterwards we all mixed and mingled… and gushed over the work, of course!
I did get a chance to corner the lady of the hour to ask about her inspiration and her next collection, because with a response like this, you know there has to be one!

Stacy has already been featured on:
I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Congratulations, Stacy!

3 Second Fashion Show – 9-23-2010

Finally time for another 3 Second Fashion Show.  I have been remiss, I know. But really it was because I was afraid of all of the bugs!  I got mauled this summer and I can’t stand going out for even 3 seconds!

Lots of black in today’s outfit but there are glints here and there.  The lace cardigan is from the Benhaz Sarafpour for Target and the skirt is Target as well.  The tights are from Kushyfoot and the shoes are the Isabel Toledo for Payless oxfords.

I actually had someone tell me the shoes are cute and ugly at the same time.   What do you think???  I don’t have a lot of yellow so I liked having a bit of brightness from the sole.  I wanted to pair them with black today but how fun will these be with bright solid tights? I think I have a pair in that same bright yellow color. 

Those will be next!

Rock me…. Amadeus

Okay, I couldn’t resist with the title.  But you have to forgive me, I’ve been a bit delirious all day from being sick.  Basically I worked but now I’m watching Amadeus and discovering scences I’ve never seen before.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Can you imagine some of today’s designers living in this time and the work they would do?  Louboutin.  Manolo. Galliano.  Amazing.

I especially like the red and white number in the first clip at 3:05.

What’s your favorite?

Lucky UK – Manolo Blahnik at Liberty

Manolo Blahnik and Liberty
I have to admit that I am green with jealousy, that I do no have access to this collection.  I can think of little else that would be as swoon-worthy and the reality of it is almost too much.  
Manolo Blahnik has paired up with Liberty to create an exclusive line of scarves, bags, pillows, candles, accessories, fabrics and more.  He has even created a line of shoes using some of the classic fabrics. 
Some of the collection you can buy online but the shoes are only available in stores.  GAH!
I am loving this collection but even more amazing is the full range of styles from Manolo Blahnik that the store carries.   I had no idea!
The worst part is… THEY DON’T SHIP!  Why is that?  I can’t understand why a store or company would not want to help me spend my money.  LET ME SPEND MY MONEY WITH YOU!!!
Anyways, if you are in the UK, you lucky dog, pop round and scoop some up for yourself!  Just don’t tell me about it or I will die of envy.
PS. Thank you, MilkGlassHeart for alerting me to this collaboration!

Keeping Camo

I’ve been seeing a lot of camo print still out there.  I love the quote that camo is the leopard print option for men.  But I’m liking the more refined takes on olive green and camoflage.  One of my favorite options are the Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby.
I bought mine a few years ago and they are still one of my favorite heels. They’re a bit pricier now but you can still find this classic style at Nordstrom.

Camo, like leopard, isn’t going anywhere so these will still be current years from now.  Invest if you can!

Shoe picks for Fashion Week at Bergdorf Goodman

I was very good and didn’t buy any shoes while I was in New York… not that I would have had any room to pack them… but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get in my “shoe fix” while I was there.

I met up with the amazing girl behind Bergdorf’s social media and we had a great time picking out the best shoes for Fashion Week.

Check out my picks on the stylish and gorgeous Bergdorf Goodman blog – 5th/58th

Then make sure to follow them on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook!!!