Le Sigh – Lanvin Colorblock Satin Pump

I don’t often fall for Lanvin shoes, but I’m smitten with these pumps.  I love the cool black, white and grey tones plus the raw edges.  These would be so perfect with opaque matte black tights and a pencil skirt.

SD Review – Demeter Fragrances

You probably know Demeter perfumes from their quirky Fragrance Library of “pure” scents.  They captured attention ages ago with perfumes that capture the complex and textured smells of Rain, Tomato and Dirt.

Over the years, their library has expanded to hundreds and include perfumes based on classic drinks, Hello Kitty, Play-Doh and a number of sweet treats.
I’ve always been interested in a number of their scents… how can you not want to see how they’ve captured Grass or Bonfire or Champagne. I ordered a whole bunch of their purse-sized sprays to test them out.

I’m generally pretty sensitive and picky about my perfumes.   I don’t even have any gardenia-based perfumes (my favorite flower) because they all always smell artificial.
When I received all of these I was pretty excited to give them a go. There were some, like Champagne Brut and Grass, that smelled almost plastic and turned me off completely. Some I just didn’t like.  In the end I stuck with:
 Black Pepper (a very wearable scent and a good day option to Caron’s Poivre perfume)
Beetroot (sweet, earthy, unusual.  I like the weirdness of it)
Lilac (just as sweet and simple as you would expect)
Earl Grey Tea (I love bergamot)
Wet Garden (moist, green, earthy with sweet flowers)
The rest went back.  They were either too strong, not what I hoped or I just didn’t like them in person.  The purse sprays are an economical way to test these out at only $10 each but they are colognes so their lasting time is pretty short.
I’m going to try some more soon, namely that Bonfire, so I’ll let you know what they are like as well.

Top of the World Design

Even though the Scandinavian countries are renowned for their design aesthetic, I feel they are one area of the world that doesn’t get nearly enough attention in the shoe world.

In America, it can be challenging to hear about and buy from these designers as they are not carried in many stores here.  If they don’t have an online shop, it’s almost impossible to buy from them, which is sad, because there are some amazing and whimsical shoes coming out of these countries.

Finland designer, Minna Parikka is a long favorite due to her uber-feminine designs that range from sweet and girly to strong and sexy.

I am now totally smitten with Fam Irvoll from Norway.  Her clothes are over the top, giddy, colorful and amazingly fun.  Tongue-in-cheek, yes, but with wit as well.  I was totally pining over the “Hope He Calls” booties above.  Sadly they are out of my size.  Sad face. But you can bet I’ll be checking back for her new collections.

Aase Hopstock, also from Norway, has gorgeous classic shoes that just ooze an almost 1940s sophistication. She just showed a collection in 2010 and looks to have the stuff to become a breakout name in the industry. Her limited production runs ensure you’ll have a collectible design that will be timeless.

It’s not every day that you see a furniture design duo turn their sights to footwear but Swedish designer Cate Högdahl and her Spanish counterpart Nelson Ruiz-Acal of Cate & Nelson have created a funky yet, I think, sensual shoe – the Spline. I love the cozy way it envelopes and caresses your ankle.
There are tons more designers in this area.  I really need to do some further exploration.  If you have a favorite too, please let me know!

Instant Access – 6/13 – 6/19

I think my whole week was determined by my hair and my nails.  That sounds so bizarre to say but when you start off with messy pigtails…

… and graphic nails, everything seems to fall into place.

(I’m totally loving the Sally Hansen Nail Effects)

I got my favorite shoes back from the shoe repair.  Yeah!

Good advice

Daydreaming about a trip to India.

Soy Hot Cocoa and Ginger cookies at the local coffee bar

Dorothy curls

And ending the week with flower nails.
Hope you are having a great week!

SD Review – Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain

I’ve spoken before about my love for lipstains and now I have a new one that I’ve fallen for.  I have just bought three colors of the Revlon “Just Bitten” collection.

I bought Twilight (deep berry), Passion (medium pink) and Frenzy (bright fuchsia).  They don’t drip going on, stain well, and have a nice balm on the other side.

Great color, great application and as natural or bright as you would like to go.  I bought mine at CVS for about $9 each.  Since I just bought them I’m not sure how long they will last but I’ll let you know!

GPOY Lipstain

15 Years

Today is me and my Sweetie’s 15 year “Meeting-versary” which to us, I think, is even more important than our wedding anniversary.

I wanted to share some of our shots over the years, starting from an image just after we met to present day…

Love ya, darling!

Looking at Choo

I  haven’t taken a first, much less a second, look at Jimmy Choo’s heels in the past few year.  Choo’s used to be my favorite but the last few seasons have seemed a bit, um, not sure how to describe it… maybe, Vegas-y?

Regardless, haven’t been a fan.  But in this new crop I’m seeing a few styles, admittedly still a bit flashy, that I wouldn’t mind wearing.

Sexy and not over the top sparkly – Ankle Wrap Shimmer Sandal – $1095

I love a classic pump that has a bit of interesting detail.  The glittery edging with cut-outs amps this up from boring black. Glitter Trim Pump – $595

The sandal part of this is pretty simple but that ankle cuff… holy moly!  This is not a subtle shoe but what you are investing in for it, you’ll save by not having to get other jewelry. Crystal Cuff d’Orsay – $1995
The shoes I’m seeing are swinging back to the conservative side.  Are the folks at Choo a bit gun shy from all the craziness we’ve seen and they they gone through lately (mass-merchandising partnership, sale, etc.). Did they tone it down as they regroup are are they trying to get back to basics before going a new direction?
Time will tell.  In the meantime, I’m still not dying for any of them but they’re much better than before.

Instant Access – 6/5 – 6/12

It was a good week for shoes

Don’t Polka-dots just say “Summer”

My favorite snack… freeze-dried corn

Ador-a-loafers ala Rachel Antonoff for Bass

I’m stocking up my liquor cabinet with vintage liquors.
St. Germain is made from hand-picked elderflowers

Stocking up!

Creme Yvette is made of violets.

I see a pitcher of Pimm’s in my future.

Prada stripes!

Then the week took a turn for the worse…

But ended with sparkly Manolos

A good rain is good for the garden.

And our first harvest… summer squash.
Have a great week!

Ensemble du Jour: 6-4-11

More outfit photos!  Can you believe it?

So, I spent a week miserable from sunburn and basically not wanting to go outside ever again.  When I did go out on Saturday I decided I was going to be as covered up as possible while still looking cute. Which means: dress, cardigan, espadrilles, parasol, hat and sunglasses. 

I bought this white dress a few months ago knowing I’d want something cool to walk around in and it really is perfect for a hot day.  The good thing is I have a ton of cute shoes I can pair this with, from espadrilles to oxfords.  

The dress is the “Who’s That Girl” dress from ModCloth and the adjustable tie and straps are great, plus it’s lined.

There are my shoes!

Wedge Espadrilles are the SUV of the shoe world.  These are Mossimo from Target.

I got to break out my Cambridge Satchel, finally.  It was going to go to New York but I didn’t have the room, plus I wouldn’t have wanted to take it out in the rain so I guess it’s a good think it stayed home.
We went to a town event held at our Park. It’s funny how stuck in a rut people get about clothes.  This may not be true in bigger cities but here in North Carolina, I am a fish out of water fashion-wise. I was just walking around on the sidewalks and then running some errands but, even though I was dressed very comfortably and simply with non-fancy or pricey clothes, people were gaping. If you don’t wear shorts/sneakers/jeans/flip-flops/t-shirts you are out of the comfort zone.
Not that I care.
The husband said I looked very clean and pretty and dressier then him but that’s most of the time anyways.  It doesn’t bother me how surprised other people are but I do find it funny.
Do you all get this kind of response when you “dress-up” a bit out of the “norm”?