Change of Heart

I went into the drugstore just the other day… the day BEFORE Christmas… and the shelves were already lined with Valentine’s Day candy!!!  What the heck, people?!?!  I haven’t even started eating the candy from my Christmas stocking yet!

But, while I think it is very wrong to have candy hearts out already, I was very excited and happy to get the surprise my Sweetie brough home to me – the Valentine’s Day themed Sally Hansen Salon Effects!
He knows I love these and brought me 4 of the 5 designs (buy one, get one 50% off at CVS, by the way).  These were the 4 I would have picked, so good job!

I love this pink/red/purple graphic design called “How Romantic”.

The gradient, holographic pink hearts on white are adorable as well – “Speed Dating”

This swirly pattern is so pretty – “Are You Single”

And how cute are the Xs and Os done as hearts??? – “Cross My Heart”

My least favorite (and the one he didn’t buy) is the word design “Love Always”

So not only should you go and grab these super sweet designs, you will be excited to know there are new core patterns coming for 2012 as well! Check them out…

I want to get Sweet Tart-an, Queen of the Jungle, Spring Fever and Love Letter. 
How sweet!!! 

I got my SHs at CVS but they are also available on/at ULTA.

Pretty Much Sums It Up

I’ve been off of work this past week and on through the New Year.  This is pretty much my goal for every one of those days.  Movies, books, baking and napping are going to sum up my to do list.
I hope you all are having a happy holiday season too!

A Visit to the Lowcountry

As I mentioned before, my grandmother (who was just about to turn 91) passed away last week.  She lived in an area of South Carolina near Hilton Head.  This is where my Dad’s whole side of the family lives and where we went often for family trips when I was growing up.

Known as the Lowcountry, coastal South Carolina is so different from where I grew up in Miami and even other parts of the state.  And even though just a few hundred miles away from where we are in NC, it has a totally different personality.

The city she lived in used to be so small and sleepy but, due to it’s beauty and history, has really grown over the last 20 years.  Tons of films have been shot here and the population has shot up, as has the number of businesses and traffic.

My Dad, though, lives on one of the many islands that makes up the area and when you are there, right on the water, it’s very peaceful.  We spent much of our quick visit hanging around the house, playing with the cats and enjoying the view.  Here’s a few quick pics –

The front of the house…

The Kitchen…

The lovely porch…

Lowcountry sunset…

Sweet Tea the kitty!

We got up on Sunday to enjoy the crisp air and the sunrise off of the dock.

And said hello to some of the regular visitors…

I think we are going to head back in a few months.  I want to do yoga on the dock at sunrise and maybe jump in a kayak to have a closer chat with the dolphins!


My Grammy passed away yesterday.  This was one of my favorite photos of us – my wedding day.

Some of my favorite memories of her:

– She was wonderful with plants and grew the most beautiful tiger lilies and African violets.

– She had a great love of animals and always had pets she cared for… except for the pesky squirrels who would eat her lilies!

– She was an amazing baker and cook. She always made my favorite Sour Cream pound cake when I came to visit and I still have the recipe written down in her own hand. I’ve made it many times myself to much raving.

– Grits – Southern Grammies make them the best.

– Sweet Tea – you need at least a few cups of sugar per pitcher!

– She one time scared the heck out of me with this monster mask we had. Her sense of humor was amazing

– She had an enviable collection of salt and pepper shakers

She was the sweetest lady I’ve ever known.

Falling for Fair Isle

The other day I mentioned I had been searching for the perfect Fair Isle items to add to my holiday wardrobe.  Well, I’ve actually been thinking about this since October when I saw the Sally Hansen Nail Effects patterns for the 2011 Holiday collection.

I may have found my perfect items in this tunic and sweater coat from Macy’s.

I love Fair Isle in red and white, so that was my first criteria.  When paired with black (and on major sale), this sweater tunic will be great with leggings and boots.

And I’m going to wear it with the Plaid About You decals, plus some saucy red gloves.

And while I wasn’t looking for a new cozy cardigan, this Tommy Hilfiger piece was so perfect in pattern and shape, that I couldn’t resist.   I mean, what is more holiday-ish than these snowflakes?

And yes, the matchy-matcherson in me is probably going to wear the Snow Bunny decals with it.  Or maybe Peppermint Twist (the candy cane stripe design).

While I have a soft spot for these patterns and pieces on their own, even better is that they combine my two themes for the season.  They fit into the “Clean College Prep” style while using the “Chromatic French” color scheme.

Change is Difficult

I don’t talk about my work too much here on the blog but things have been a-changin’.

I have been with the same company for the last five and a half years, and happily so, but an opportunity presented itself and it seemed like a good one.

So I’m transitioning to a new company right after the new year.
I’ve been a bit absent the last few days and weeks because my head was all wrapped up in the process.   I’m not afraid of change but, even if it’s all good, I get anxious and worked up.

So, I have let my current company know about this impending change and now I’m in that weird space between old and new.  Not sure about what’s to come while still working on stuff that will be out of my hands soon. 

So the year will be ending along with a chapter of my professional life.  I am looking forward to the new while appreciating the past.  So, I’m sorry about the weird absences but I hope more good things to be coming down the road!

Instant Access – 11/7 – 12/3

I swear once the year hits September, the days and weeks just fly by until the end of the year.  There is so much going on it feels like we need 3 extra weekends a month just to fit it in.

And the weather has been crazy here too.  From days in the 70s around Thanksgiving to rain to cold-cold-cold!  What’s going on.

Just from looking at all the recent shoes that happened these past weeks, you can see how all over the place the temperatures have been.

Manolo Blahnik Erratic mary janes with tonal fishnet tights…

The Aldo leopard slipper loafers came in from ASOS and were promptly worn.

I love these mustard tights, especially with warm brown.

Gossip girl inspired outfits and spat-style boots

Short-work-week Converse.

And a sneak peak at some early Resort/Spring Blahnik Sammys

Finally there was some tight-wearing weather so I got to wear these new dotted Hue tights.

But then it was warm enough for bringing out my easily 10-year-old Jimmy Choos.

I do love some of the details in my shoes, like these little cutouts on my Report pumps.

And as many shoe changes, there were almost as many new polishes combos to try.  From China Glaze’s It’s Alive (a wonderful dark green glitter)…

to Revlon’s Starry Pink over Revlon’s Metallic

Essie’s Forget Me Knot (which was worn with the ASOS heart sweater below and matched perfectly!) …

The coveted OPI Rainbow Connection

A perfect gray – OPI’s Concrete Catwalk

And another shimmery green in Zoya’s Edyta

I did get one day of wearing some fabulously tonal accessories.

And it’s the season of shopping to, so I may have bought a few things, like a new macro lens for my DSLR.

A few necessaries at Ulta

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet matte lipsticks had to be mine.

Okay, so I went a bit overboard on the nail polish deals on Amazon.

My Express sparkly skirt was even more magical in person.  I’m in love!

Hearts and dots!

And TONS of baking!!!!

Apple oat muffins

Pumpkin Chocolate chip

Birthday surprise cake pops

And libations galore…


Cozying Up to Keds

I’ve been dreaming about finding the perfect Fair Isle pattern this winter.  But I never thought I would find it on a pair of Keds! 

I am totally loving these new Fair Isle sneakers and slippers from my favorite Keds.  I already needed a new pair of slippers…. how cute would these be?

The sneakers are cute as well (and come in 3 color options).  I would probably add laces though.  I’m not a fan of the slip-on version.

Who knew sneakers could look so cozy!

What Would You Pair?

I need some help!!!

Last year for my company Christmas party, I asked for your thoughts on two outfit options.   I ended up going with the poofy party dress and Manolos and had a splendid time.  Since you gave such good advice that time, what do you think I should do this year???
I am wearing a sequin sheath dress from JCrew topped with a tuxedo jacket. 

The sequins are patterned in green, cold and silver and there is a raw edged liner as you can see here.

I’m totally considering pairing this with my vintage top hat and the Kate Spade Night Owl bag. 

So here are four narrowed down shoe options I’m considering:

1. Alexander Wang Anais silver tassle pumps

2. Christian Louboutin Yo Yo Zeppa suede peep-toes

3. Manolo Blahnik Urbana Nappa Oro gold sandals

4. Christian Louboutin Lucifer

So what do you think???

I’m leaning towards the Louboutin peep-toes but am totally open to suggestions.  Some back-up options are:

Camilla Skovgaard Chastity Sandals…

Camilla Skovgaard London Pumps…

… or the Prada Endless Spat boots….

What say you????