Beauty Has No Pain

I thought this was an interesting video on the cultural and historical significance that shoes, mainly high heels, plays in our society.

Of course, I kept getting distracted naming all the brands of the shoes I recognized… but still… interesting. And I would totally wear some of those historical shoes that were featured.

Do you agree with the commentary expressed here?

P.S. Thanks to the Shoe Girl for finding this!

A Lovely Young Lady

I’d just like to give a quick feature on my lovely neighbor. Miss KA here is off to a dance in her adorable (and not overly-sexy – thank goodness!) dress. She stopped over on her way out to show us her cute outfit… and shoes, of course!

I was also very impressed with her hair, which she styled herself. I can’t do anything near as good as this!

And… cute shiny black peep-toes!

This girl is a lady in every sense. She’s sweet and talented and very smart. Isn’t it nice to know that there a people still out there like that?

Change of Season

More from the Manolo-front!

I was just browsing through Neimans and saw these gorgeous Manolo Blahnik heels. At first I thought they were a printed satin or silk but upon a closer inspection I found I was quite wrong.

They are actually pieced suede placed together to create the tapestry like pattern.

This d’Orsay style sandal is one of my favorite of his. The fit is very comfortable.

The color is very rich with the jewel tones that are so popular this fall. I was a bit surprised to find a sandal clad in such cool weather tones. But these are a part of the resort collection, so I guess that makes more sense.

I think I would prefer these as a pump, however, so that I could wear them all year round.

Another Reason I Wish To Be in London

So, yeah… I’m jealous. But for all you London-folks –

Handbags to High Heels

…Satisfy your fetishes!

From handbags to shoes – all the answers to your fashion prayers can now be found in both our Accessories and Shoe departments with Selfridges’ biggest ever luxury accessory fest. Come and delve into a dazzling array of all the latest fashionable must-haves arm and foot candy as well as indulge in a host of exclusive offers, extra gifts and even surrealist performers making their way through the department. And while you’re there, why not pay a visit to our new Fendi Accessories boutique in Manchester Trafford.

For the even more dedicated shoppers there will be some personal appearances from leading accessory designers including Anya Hindmarch (October 27 at 1pm), Giuseppe Zanotti (October 27 at 6pm) and Jonathan Kelsey will be in the shoe department (October 31 at 6pm) as well as Rupert Sanderson, who will also be visiting the Shoe department (November 1 at 6pm). Also on hand to answer your accessorising questions for the season ahead will be the Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar (November 1 from 12pm to 7pm) at the Oxford Street Store, and extra exclusive offers and entertainment in Trafford and Exchange Square.

October 27 – November 2

And to spoil you fabulously rotten, Selfridges has worked hard to put together the ultimate prize:
In partnership with Harpers Bazaar you can win a year’s supply of the new season designer handbags, from brands including Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Anya Hindmarch and Marc Jacobs, and shoes from Kurt Geiger, Yves Saint Laurent and Marni to name a just few!

The competition is the ultimate finale to 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty and launches in-store on September 30 so mark your diaries now!

For your chance to WIN and remain on trend all year long visit either Selfridges London, Birmingham, Manchester Trafford or Exchange from October 27 to November 2 and every time you spend £50 or more in-store you will receive your complimentary competition form.

And now, if you win, you have to share with me!

The Air Up There

I think I’ve mentioned before that I am a complete sucker for certain heel shapes. Vintage La Rose are the classic 60s shape, Choo does a great heel with a squared off tap at the bottom and, of course many of Louboutin’s heels are great as well.

But my new favorite is from Manolo Blahnik.

Big surprise, I know, given that I’m such a fan but when the “Something Blue” heel was introduced I was drawn to the heel immediately.

Not only is it tall and slender (both pluses in my book) but it has this great addition of a metal accent right above the tap. Shiny silver, paired with the blue, grabs the light as you walk.

I wasn’t sure if this would be a one-off element as the shoe was designed for the SATC movie but I’m glad to see that it was not.

This new pair of Catalina heeled sandals are sporting the same accent, but this time in gold to match with the bright tangerine.

I’m not sure if the metal is purely decorative or if it provides an extra level of structural support. Either way, I like how the square-ish heel is offset by the round tap and that the metal calls attention to it.

Anything that draws attention to lovely shoes is okay with me.

Your Shopping May Now Resume

Let’s all congratulate Zappos for listening to their customers and adopting a policy to no longer sell fur products.

According to the PETA article –

Back in August, we wrote to the company about this, urging it to adopt a fur-free policy. At the time, the company said that it would look into the issue to gauge people’s thoughts on it. So, to help speed that process up, we launched an online marketing campaign, getting members of the public to write to’s CEO and urge him to send the pelts packing—and more than 11,000 of you did! The campaign became totally viral and social networking played a huge part—many people posted tweets on Twitter, passed around our petition on Facebook, and much more.

I mean, seriously, is this the first campaign in history ever to be won by tweeting and the slick use of other online tools? It’s pretty exciting if you ask me—and also pretty novel! We are paving the way of the future, my friends.

Well, it seems that got the message that people hate fur, because yesterday, the company officially adopted a permanent policy never to sell any products containing the fur of an animal!

Thank you SO much, all you fantastic online activists, for helping—and thank you,, for making the kind decision to forgo fur now and in the future. This will help spare countless minks, rabbits, foxes, and other animals all the horrors of fur farming and trapping, such as being electrocuted, bludgeoned, and skinned alive.

Read the full article here.

All of us shoppers can now get back to give so many of our dollars to one of the best retailers around!

Thank you Zappos!

Delicate Tendrils

I know we are as far opposite the ideal time for wearing these Dolce & Gabbana heels as possible but I simply adore them, regardless.

I love everything about them – from the blush pink suede to the grosgrain ribbon, the adorable round toe and smart silver heel – every element is just as if this shoe was made for me.

These are shoes I would coo over and stand and stare at in the mirror for ages.
I’d buy them now, tuck them away in their cocoon-like box and wait until the blossoms of spring to then them out in all their glory.

All Tied Up

I know this isn’t an outfit or shoes or anything but I’m just really excited because I just ordered a big 2lb cone of red and white twine. I’ve been wanting this forever and am finally getting it.


I hope it’s as cute as this. I saw these as high as $20+ but I got mine for $9 here.

It will be cute as decor and for holiday baking packages!

Week In Review Again

Over the weekend we went to Asheville and it was an amazingly lovely day. Because it was a bit chilly but still warm and sunny, I only needed a light jacket. My favorite is a light blue corduroy one from American Eagle that I’ve worn for years. I love the sky blue color and I paired it with my favorite color with it – lavender. The color combo was sky blue, lavender and off white with touches of black

I had a lavender Gap tee, Gap Classic jeans, vintage off white leather gloves, my pink/lavender cameo from Etsy, a lavender pashmina wrap as a scarf and my Paraphernalia “Story” pin. I also had a silly little dog in a doggie sling wrapped around me because he was cold and doesn’t like to walk!

10-13-08 Asheville by Princess Poochie

I was trying to remember what I wore this week because I was all over the board. While the henna tattoo on my hand finally raised some interest in folks my other crazy accessories didn’t. I think I’ve exceeded the shock value limits here.

We had a Dio de los Muertos-themed lunch at the office so I wore my skull tattoo necklace and Sourpuss skull striped socks from SockDreams. I paired that up with a blue JCrew sweater (since there is blue in the necklace) over a base of a black cami and skirt.

The next day I was a bit more professional in my cute black jacket and pencil skirt from Target with my bright blue Manolo Butterflo heels.

Week of 10-13-08 by Princess Poochie

Isn’t this cool?


Yesterday I wore a dark grey deep v-neck from Gap over a khaki pencil skirt. But it needed a bit of shine so I paired it with these brocade Estrella slingbacks from Manolo Blahnik. They are soooo gorgeous.

I love wearing a fancy shoe in a more toned down way. If I waited for an event for these they’d never see the light of day.

Today I wasn’t even supposed to go into to work but we had a huge project so I did. In spite of feeling crummy. In spite of being cold. In spite of it raining all day. I’m a trooper!

Anyway, I didn’t even blow-dry my hair – just put it up into to buns on the side of my head. I wore a simple black jersey top, my polka-dot Old Navy flippy skirt and grey canvas flats. Pretty comfy and basic. Now I’m going home to loaf and read one of the fifteen books I’ve got going!

Happy Weekend!