Utterly Ridiculous

I haven’t ever been a huge fan of Tory Burch but this is truly ridiculous.

Looks like a regular old duck boot to me, right?

No, it’s a Tory Burch duck boot… for $195!

A $195 for a duck boot that doesn’t look any different than a traditional one. Plus, how can you even wear that out in the rain for that price? I used to wear this type of shoe to my riding stable to wear when I wasn’t riding. When I was doing things like washing the horse or cleaning a stall.

I like nice shoes but almost $200 for a “work” shoe? That’s just stupid.

Just get a nice L.L. Bean one for $60…

I’m sure you can even find generic cheaper ones. And I’m sure they would all work and feel exactly the same.

Both Ends of the Spectrum

Wellllll…. the other day I came home and there were two packages waiting for me. And upon opening them, they pretty much showcased my two opposite ends of the style spectrum.

On one hand we have these delicious blue Manolo Blahniks. I know. More blue. But how could I resist? You recognize them, right?


Want a small clue?

Does this help give a hint?

Okay, here’s the big reveal. Ooops! Spoiler!

So. Those are delicate, rarified, decadent.

The other box contained these…

These are some kick-a** Ann Demeulemeester boots. I adore the triple lacing. It’s hard to appreciate how completely over the top these are unless you are in person. I tried them on when they arrived and the hubby was a bit taken aback I think.

To fully appreciate these you have to take a peek over at Sea of Shoes. Jane and her mom have 2 pairs each! Obvioulsy well-funded ladies to be sure.

But they both do a great job of styling their high-heeled pairs in a variety of ways, from causual to Victoriana to almost equestrian. I don’t have nearly the closet options they do but I think I would wear these with dresses, jeans, pencil skirts and more.

Very different choices indeed. But I love them both. They kind of represent what I feel are my two sides.

Now, the question is… do we keep them.

As always, a very difficult decision.

I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

Un, Deux, Trois… Moi

A very long time ago, Lady Coveted tagged me with a “1, 2, 3” request. Since then, I’ve been slack with my getting to it! Of course, right now I’m using my Kindle, so I don’t really have page numbers. Although I did pull out the Simplify Your Christmas book for it’s annual pre-seasonal review – but that would be awfully boring (I have issues with doing too much and getting stressed out during the holidays).

Instead I’ll use the book that’s been sitting on my nightstand for months waiting for me to finish it – Antonia Fraser’s Marie Antoinette biography.

Sadly, I have the cover with Kirstin Dunst on it rather than the lovely portrait of Marie. I hate when they do that to books when a movie comes out. I’m not buying the book because of the movie – ick!

Anyhow, what I am supposed to do is this –

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.

Okay –

1. Book has been lifted!

2. Page is open!

3. The pages starts out describing reports of Marie’s beauty around the time of her coming to the throne following Louis XV death and how, even though folks could have been exaggerating since she was royalty, given the large number of reports, her beauty cannot be disputed.

4. The words:

The result was a plethora of comparisons to goddesses and nymphs – much as had been made on her wedding journey, the difference being that Marie Antoinette was now a visible woman, rather than an unknown girl. Madam Campan compared her to the classical statues in the royal gardens, for example, the Atalanta at Marly. There was the story of the twelve-year-old boy, educated in the classics, who flung himself at the Queen’s feet at court, seeing in her the embodiment of “all my father’s goddesses.”

Poor pretty Marie. She tried very hard but was trapped by the circumstances of her family, her husband and her times. I think she tried to cope with a bad situation and wasn’t as frivolous as she’s been made out to be.

What I like best about the period is seeing how a culture, reaching it’s pinnacle of excess, falls in to decay. Like the fading bloom from a rose. The materials and detailing and fabrics are amazing… and inspirational.

I’m bad about giving out tags, if you’re interested, let me know.

Now, I should go finish this book so I can put it on the bookshelf!

Fashion Forward from Where???

During the Gala & Nubby Virgo Extravaganza, Miss Bianca Alexis was on hand to take some amazing portraits of the party guests. And as she was walking around we noticed her kickin’ outfit. She wore these great cropped white skinny pants and a white cropped jacket. She also had some great pops of red from her accessories.

Including these really shiny, edgy peep-toe booties. We couldn’t take our eyes off them and much discussion went on amongst our little group about where she chould have bought them. We debated if they were Chloe or Dries or what?

Eventually we got to ask here where they came from.

Yeah… They’re from Payless.

Are you kidding me?!?

alice + olivia for Payless Rivington Ankle Boot – $48. Also available in black. And a funky closed-toe bootie too.

Crazy Fall Line Up

Here are just a few items making up my crazy mix of things to wear this Fall –

Y Feathered Capes
Y Chanel two-tones
Y Dimensional tights
Y Pink patent driving gloves
Y Giant candy-coloured bows
Y Dark wash jeans
Y Giant ruffled neckpieces
Y Pushed down black gloves
Y Skulls and Kisses

Now all I need is some plaid and I’ll be good to go!

Fall Favorites: Luxe Layers

As you can tell from the previous Fall Favorites posts, I’m into excessive, embellished and decadent shoes from this season’s offerings. We talked about:

Rich Details

A Focus on Heels

Peek-a-boo Cut-outs

Of course, I think you can tell throughout that I like my shoes classically shaped but, how do we say… a bit over the top. This round is a bit different. More about the variety of materials. Still luxurious but in keeping with the clean silhouettes of the Fall/Winter season.

I know the silver pump version of these Balenciaga patent mirrored Escarpins bootie received more attention in the media but I like how the frosted material and the peach tone warms up the futuristic design.

Extreme platforms are not going anywhere this season (see Stella and Marni) and this Versace pump is right there. What I liked best about it is the color. I love how the lighter blue would play against black or brown. It’s still dusky so it works but it’s light enough to do a contrast. Plus you could wear it into the spring. I’ve become very fond of the mixing of the seasons for shoes with the use of tights. It’s fun and practical.

These Alexandra Neel boots are just divine. I love love love the rich colors, the shape and the three button-y straps. Between these and the Chanel black and white booties, I don’t know which I want more. These also have an almost steampunk vibe to them too.

Anna Sui has taken the oxford shape and created something ethereal. They seem heavily influenced by last season’s Prada/Miu Miu collections but it’s very fresh for this year. I think it’s the unique mix of metallic leather and the oil slick patent. Such a contrast but both are so gorgeous. I would wear these with everything.

This is a complete understatement: I want these Manolo Blahnik booties. The color combination is amazing. Buttery leather and that heel shape… geez! I really need to get on the ball and try and track these down. They’re very equestrian (almost jockey-influenced) but so urban too.

And, last but not least, my favorites – the two toned Chanel Carousel mary janes. And, oh yes, I got them. They’re awaiting their debut and I am just ga-ga over them. They’re luscious.

These are the kinds of shoes that totally speak to me. And they’re the perfect investment-type shoes. The shapes are simple but the style is amazing. And sure to be noticed whenever you wear them… now or 10 years from now.

Covering the 3 C’s of New York

On Wednesday of last week I found an amazing rate to New York and I quickly convinced Miss_C to join me on an impulsive trip northward.

We got up very very early on Saturday and in just over an hour we touched down at the airport.

One of the main reasons for going to help celebrate the Gala and Nubby Virgo Birthday Extravaganza at the Strawberry Fields area in Central Park.

I just have to say that it was a very very warm day and had rained the day before. After walking around all morning (Lacroix store, Barney for shopping and lunch at Fred’s) I was very happy to get to the Park and sit down and celebrate with a cupcake!

There was a HUGE group of people who showed up for the fun so you will find tons of coverage and photos of the event. Check out the following:

Gala’s post

Nubby’s Post

Gala’s Photo Set

Nubby’s Photo Set

I also got to meet several of my favorite bloggers in person, including Gilda and Marie, as well as meeting a few new gorgeous ladies like Doe Deere (who was totally adorable – you have to look at her pictures of her outfit!)

There are a ton of shots out there, including mine, Gilda’s and Marie’s, as everyone was taking pictures, including some great portraits done by Bianca (see Gala’s post for a sample).

I can never show up at a party empty-handed, so I had to bring the girls a birthday gift… what better than a pair of “wedding rings”. Gala’s is a pinkish orange and Nubby’s is clear.

Of course there had to be a ceremony!

And cupcakes (“C” #1) from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. They were delicious and I don’t say that lightly!

Okay – not my greatest picture ever, and I had to change out my cute Corso Comos for flip flops at this point, but here I am with Marie. I was a big, literally, hot mess! I wore my JCrew stripe skirt, a white v-neck, my Paraphernalia chicken foot necklace and the aforementioned Corso Comos (which Nubby was also wearing!). And crazy giant vintage pink sunglasses.

Miss C was hanging out on the blankets we swiped from the airplane.

We even had cute pups there with us too.

Later that night we ate at Rare, which was the restaurant in our hotel. After eating veggie burgers, cole slaw and fried Oreos (not me!) we went up to the room and passed out for the night.

The next day we trekked down to the LES and had blueberry pancakes at 7A. We were going to go shopping around that area but it was even hotter and more humid so we scrapped that idea and went to the Museum of Natural History. Ahhh, several lovely hours of air conditioned museum.

After that we went to the Boathouse in the Park for Champagne and cheese (the other 2 important “Cs”) and once we had our fill there we moved on to Flute for more appetizers, Champagne and cheese.

The next day was very leisurely until we went to the airport to head home.

I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping – we spent most of our money on food and drinks – but I did get two things… macarons and Louboutins!

I got these delectable Barbie-pink Simple Pumps. I can’t wait until they arrive so I can wear them. Compared to the Manolo store, I felt the Louboutin store was a bit simpler but the associates were very nice and helpful.

And more macarons from Maison du Chocolat. Gah! They’re soooo good. Luckily the hubby doesn’t like them so I get to keep them all for myself.

That’s it. A quick trip but a good one. But next time, I’m going when it is not so dang hot!

We’re Back!

Photo by flint knits via Flickr

Well, I’m back from NYC but still need to unpack, do my timesheets from last week (shhhh! Don’t tell!), oh yeah, and I have a 7:30a.m. meeting in the morning.

I promise to spill all the details from the Virgo Cupcake Extravaganza, champagne imbibing, Peepsie sightings and maybe a wee bit of shopping!

Tomorrow will be all about catching up!


Fall Favorites: Peek-a-Boo Cutouts

More on the Fall 2008 Favorites coming your way!

Before we looked at the rich details and the focus on heels that are trending in the Fall shoes, but another element I saw a lot of and really liked were the artistic use of cut-outs in the shoe designs.

The petal cut-outs on these Brian Atwood pumps give a simple shape an ethereal air. They’re very classic and classy but with a fresh feel. These would be great with a suit now and a sundress in the Spring. I love the neutral color too.

Continuing my love of blue satin shoes, these Bruno Frisoni sling-backs are exceedingly eye-catching. The dark teal color is amazing and the design is bold and graphic. I would wear a severe black dress with these to let them steal the show. But could you imagine these with a dark hot pink outfit? Yowza!

Louboutin is the king of showy, sexy heel and these are no exception. The design is very much in line with other shoes from his previous collections but I like how the silver platforms get a lot of focus from how the straps on the two area are formed. Your feet would catch and reflect the light as you walked. I think these are the same shape as my all black ones (sans platform) from NYC. If they are, these are unbelievably comfortable.

There are a ton of shoes with open designs going into Fall. As more people pair tights with strappy heels we’ll continue to see varying degrees of this style year round. I’m sure this will be welcome, especially in the warmer climates too!

Big Trouble in the Big City

Sorry I’ve been a bit slow on the posting. The Nie Nie Auction deserved some extra time, so I’m glad to leave it up. Don’t forget to bid or donate!

But I’ve also been busy making some last minute super-secret plans…

Like jumping on a flight on Saturday morning to go back here!

I found this amazingly cheap flight to NYC and convinced Miss_C to jump on a plane with me to get back up there and to participate in the most cupcake-tastic event – the Gala & Nubby Virgo Birthday Extravaganza.

Oh yes. I’m packing up my 14 pots of pink glitter, grabbing a tiara, fluffing up the tulle skirts and winging my way north.

If you’re going to be at the party, I can’t wait to meet you. And if you’re around New York between Saturday morning and Monday afternoon, let me know!

I may not bring my computer but we will be Twittering and Twitpic-ing away!