Which Would You Choose?

I just love how a design is reinterpreted by the designer to appeal to different audiences but then also to all the Brand to sell “exclusives” to a variety of stores.

I loved the Christian Louboutin petal heels in the sandal version of course…

But then these lush peep-toes came out too. They remind me of my McQueen heels and I adore those. This color makes the style even more delectable.

And today I saw the sandals created in flat version. Not that I wear flats a lot but these would great with an airy sundress or even a maxi-dress.

Of the three I think I would have originally said the heeled sandal but now I love the peep-toe.

Which would you choose?

Heeled Sandal at Neiman Marcus

Carnaval Peep-toe at Barneys

Flat Sandal at Neiman Marcus

Who’s to Blame?

This is how I get myself in trouble. I was innocently looking up a link to my star tights from Joy of Socks and then I saw these tights

And I was instantly in love with them and their colors. I start mentally thinking of shoes and outfits and decide I MUST HAVE purple/fuschia shoes.

All I was doing was looking at some inexpensive tights and I get all worked up over regal heels!

If I do get these tights and I somehow find and justify my favorite pair from the previous post (the Viva Lolo Louboutins), this is how I want to wear them together…

Floral Tights & Viva Lolos
Floral Tights & Viva Lolos – by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

Bright flashy candy color… oh, and I need that skirt too!

Donning the Purple

I was looking back on some older posts and realized I went through a bit of a grey suede phase there and then I was all over blue satin too. I think I just get a color stuck in my head and fall in love with it, obsessively search it out and can’t get enough.

Now I’m in love with purple/lavender/violet/fuschia heels. Not pink, because lord knows I have tons of pink (not that I’d turn more down! And, OMG! That list is from ’97 and I know I have even more now!) And I realized, I don’t think I have any shoes that are purple. I do have some with purple in them but no purple, no lavender, nothing!

Can that really be true? So instead of opening up every shoe box to be sure, maybe I should just get some… ya know… just in case.


I am currently smitten by all of these. I love the Sedaraby shape. It’s a gorgeous shoe.

But do I prefer Raspberry, above, or Purple? Do I love the Raspberry one because the color is called Raspberry? Is it too close in color to my Guess Pyramid heels? Maybe I should just start with Purple and then figure out a way to get the Raspberry too. Oh and did I mention I’d love to have these in white?

I know I wrote about these before, but, I still can’t get them out of my mind. Dammit!

And now these. I adore these Viva Lolo heels. They’re so adorable and have such a classy shape. The color is so unique. WANT!

I am also seeing a growing obsession for deep peacock teal shoes too. I must be stopped!

Proceed with Caution

I just happened to be looking around the internets in search of a certain pair of Louboutins (don’t glare at me like that I was just looking… I promise!) when I came upon this site called CLSell. I’m assuming that stands for Christian Louboutin sell because that is what they are claiming to sell.

I say “claiming” because these shoes look nothing like real Louboutins to me.

And it wasn’t just the under $200 price tags that tipped me off either. Yes, that’s right, they are selling these shoes for around $150 – $170. Which is absurd. Even sellers on eBay don’t sell Louboutins, even used ones, for that little.

The site was also very poorly written with some suspect language (we’re talking poorly translated to English) and the names of the shoes are even wrong in some cases. But what jumped out at me immediately was the poor quality of these obvious imitators. I won’t even give them the benefit of calling them knock-offs.

Two obvious examples are a pair of Anemone and a pair Bling Bling peep-toes.

I just look at the pair above versus the real pair below and the materials are so obviously different and what is that under the heel?

The differences are even more apparent with the Anemones. The shape of the top pair is very different, the ribbons are crap and I’m pretty sure these never came in this icky pink and white.

I guess if you really want the look, find the shoe too trendy or too pricey to buy the original these are a way to go. Personally I would bet they are poorly constructed, have lost subtle but essential design details that give the originals their elegance and will probably hurt your feet and only be worn once.

Save your money.

Under Lock and Key

You don’t always go looking for a new love. Sometimes they just find you. Last fall, I saw these cage boots on the YSL runway and thought they were interesting. But over time they have continued to grow on me and my love for them grew as well. I said I wanted more graphic edgy shoes

well, I think these fit the bill.

They are even more structural and Eiffel Tower-like than the Jil Sanders heels I was denied.

I. Love. This. Heel.

When they were shown on the runway, they were paired some some amazing classic and artfully draped styles that contrast with the graphic nature of the boot.

I love this. A slouchy dress that you could almost mimic with a big sweatshirt and jersey fabric skirt.

And the simple knit top and pencil skirt in a very class taupe.

If I do get these boots (ohhhh… I’m so tempted!) they will be a great conterpoint to my simple styles.

Sorta Slack

Sorry I’ve been sort of slack around here! Today I was on the other side of the state for the HSUS Lobby Day.

I went to talk to legislators about some new bills the Humane Society is trying to introduce in our state, mainly better regulations to prevent puppy mill and to get a mandatory limit on how long a dog can be chained outside. These are especially needed here in North Carolina because we have a huge issue with both of these issues and dog fighting too. In fact, just this week they were able to rescue over 300 pups from a horrible puppy mill situation.

It was the first time I had done that, and while it was kind of stressful and tiring for me it was well well worth it!

I’ll be back soon with more “fun” stuff, I promise!


Shoes for a Princess

Everyone went absolutely ga-ga for the Sophia-envisioned Marie Antoinette movie. And who could blame them given unbelieveable-although-it-was-probably-this-excessive style of the wardrobes. And then when our beloved Manolo did the shoes, well, that was the icing on the already big pink sugary cupcake.

Not ot be outdone (although a bit late, perhaps?) Mnsr. Louboutin has partnered with Jean-Francois Lesage of the famed French embroidery house Lesage to create a very limited shoe inspired by the queen.

Look at the front of the ankle strap – it is Marie with her hair styled with a ship at full sail.

These are striking shoes and they should be with two artists working to create them.

I love the yellow and blue but my heart is lost to the pink, of course.

There will only be 36 pairs of the shoes made, and each pair will come in a specially created box. They will only be made in pink, yellow and blue.

Oh, yes, and they are $6,295.

But is that too much to pay for true art? I think not!

You can see them in person to get the full effect: on February 23rd these little treasures and the maestro behind them will be at the Christian Louboutin South Coast Plaza boutique and on February 26th they’ll land in New York City, at the Madison Avenue boutique.

– with Glamour

Inspired by Nature

In honor of the new addition to the family, Mr. Jake the Turkey, I thought we needed another Inspired by Nature segment. Isn’t he just the most gorgeous thing ever? His plumage is unbelievable. Dusky blacks, soft browns, bright reds and blues and striking white accents. Gorgeous!

These whipstitched Jimmy Choo sandals are a total match for the colors and accents.

I love the chunky black straps of these Gucci Iman platform sandals with the banding and gold accents.

The black and white of these Sergio Rossi sandals remind me of the white feather stripes in Jake’s tail and wings.

And these Sigerson Morrison huarache boots on bare legs would give the same graphic stripe-y effect as his plumage and be just as attention-grabbing and striking.

But my favorites are the Louboutin 123 double platform sandals. Not only are they just as graphic but you get that same pop of red! Perfect.

No Easter Bunny

When you’re in the dead of winter you have dreams of spring to tide you over.

Well, my dreams were for these quirky ballet-style wedges from Junko Shimada. Back in October, when I first saw them, I hoped that they would be made. I even spoke with the designer’s representative in Paris. They were not sure if they would even be made but the possibility was there.

Sadly, I just found out they will not be making them.

I’m really sorry but these shoes are not available anywhere. They were too expensive to produce so we decided not to do it. We tried but we didn’t have enough orders.
Maybe next collection shoes will be produced, we don’t know for the moment.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to be sad and disappointed. I think these were the one pair of shoes I really really wanted to get from this spring’s lines.

*sniffle sniffle*

Wearing Your Heart On Your…. Shoes?

I love Hetty Rose shoes. I mean, I really really LOVE them! How could you not love such a talented person, who makes amazing custom shoes for you using gorgeous vintage fabric?

Plus, she’s adorable! Look at her –

Even better, Miss Hetty is offering up a special treat for Valentine’s day.
Hetty has made a limited number of real gold leaf Gift Vouchers which can be purchased by him for you, or you for you!

See the Collections online here.

Even better, get 10% off your valentine shoes! see voucher below.
get in touch.

Perfect for a gift or to treat yourself!

I think I’m going to wear my heart-bedecked Love shoes to skip around town in. Hearts with crystals and heart-shaped peep-toes? What’s not to love???