Spooktacular Nails

I love Fall. And now that I’m having a total love affair with nails and manicures and polish, I can’t wait to try all my darker colors and fun effects. 

But October is going to be even more spooktacular because the polish folks really get into the season!

I’ve already shared that I nabbed the OPI Pair’em Scare’em polishes – glow-in-the-dark “Zom-Body-To-Love” with the black shatter. 

But today when I was in CVS, I found that Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects are out in awesomely cute Halloween designs.  I. LOVE. Them.

They are (from left to right):
 – Numbskull
 – Hot Wired
 – Ghoulie Girl
 – Wish Nets
 – Spun for You

I had to get Numbskull and Spun for You. 

Squee!!!  I can’t wait to wear them!!!

I found mine at CVS, but you can order them at Ulta too.


  1. Faith J. · September 21, 2011

    **Sigh** I love Halloween. And I love your nail art choices. I always thought that crackle nail polish looked like it belonged on a zombie! 🙂


  2. WendyB · September 21, 2011

    The ghosts are adorable.


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