Designer Focus – Pierre Hardy

So a while back I wrote about how in love I am with Davis by Ruthie Davis and the shoes in the collection (in spite of her being a major contributor to the creation and popularity of Uggs). I haven’t had the opportunity to buy any of her shoes but I did have nice conversation with her about buying some because the I love the Barcelona heel on this shoe so much.

I mean, look at it. It’s like a shiny cold skyscraper for your foot. I would have snapped them up in a hot minute but I don’t like the chain on the front, so I’m holding out for next year hoping she’ll do a closed toe, non-chain version with this same heel.

Anyhow, I was all impressed with the architecture of her designs, but again, trolling vintage shoes on eBay I’ve found a possible inspiration piece for Ms. Davis. Check these babies out:

Umm…. hello! Look at that heel. Metal. Check! Monolithic. Check! Kick-ass. Check! Plus there is the added benefit of the chain attaching shoe and heel.

Who created these beauties from the 80’s?

Why Mr. Pierre Hardy!

Now, I’m not going to lie and say, “Oh, yes, Pierre Hardy. I’ve been following his career for ages, Darling. Why, in grade school all I would wear were Pierre Hardy designs, blah, blah, BLAH!”

No, no, no, I can be honest. I didn’t immediately recognize the name, but boy, I should have. Mnsr. Hardy has designed for some of the best of them before heading out on his own to do his own line of shoes and bags (he appears to be a Bag Snob fav-or-ite). He designed for Balenciaga and Hermes and is known mostly in the fashion industry for reviving the House of Dior’s shoe collection in the late 1980’s – right around the time period of the shoes above.

I went to his site and found an amazing collection of gorgeous shoes that I am instantly coveting. I’m a greedy biotch, I know!

Perfect shape. Perfect color.

More blue suede but with futuristic heel. Cool.

I love this heel. Love it.

How crazy are these? But the black keeps them in line.

Weren’t orbs popular this year? I love that these are all gold and metallic-y but in a classy good way, not crap materials.

These are why I knew Pierre Hardy! I totally saw these on and thought they were awesome- great colors, great embellishment, mod, retro, striking, unique. How many more adjectives can I throw out there. These are like investing in great art – but you get to wear them out and show them off.

Much more practical than some giant painting or sculpture.

Hmm… maybe I should try and track these down.

By the way – I think you should go and get those shoes above on eBay. They don’t fit me (damn!) so they need a good home.


  1. WendyB · November 29, 2007

    Crazy coincidence!! I have a pair of Frankenstein-like Ruthie Davis shoes as well.


  2. Princess Poochie · November 29, 2007

    Do you like how they fit? Are they comfy? I was debating buying them.LuvPoochie


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